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Europeans: a descendant of Napoleon, first candidate on a sovereignist list

A great-grandnephew of Napoleon I will be present in third position on the “We the People” list for the European elections next June. He claims to be a descendant of Napoleon I’s brother-in-law.

A distant great-grandson of Napoleon I, Joachim Murat, will be a candidate in the European elections on a sovereignist list, he announced on Friday, April 19, in a statement to AFP.

Joachim Murat, 50, presents himself as a descendant of the Marshal of the Empire and King of Naples Joachim Murat (1767-1815), brother-in-law of Napoleon I through his marriage to his sister Carolina Bonaparte.

He will appear in third position on the “We the people” list, headed by Georges Kuzmanovic, former spokesperson for Jean-Luc Mélenchon who left La France insoumise in 2018 to found his movement, “République Souveraine”.

former officer

According to Joachim Murat, this list will also include Philippe Grégoire, cattle farmer president of “SAMU social agricole”, an association that defends farmers in difficulty, and the writer Olivier Delorme.

Joachim Murat, a former paratrooper officer, presents himself as “an enthusiast of France and its social model who no longer supports its planned destruction by the supporters of federalist Europe.”

For him, “it is time to return power to the nations and the people, in the face of an oppressive European bureaucracy and a political elite that has betrayed the fundamental principles of democracy, sovereignty and freedom.”

Author: JD with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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