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Ecological bonus: how the “environmental score” of electric vehicles will be calculated

The “environmental score” of an electric vehicle will take into account various data such as the place of assembly, the place of manufacture of the battery or the distance traveled between the place of production and the place of marketing.

A new ecological bonus subject to conditions for manufacturers in 2024. To be eligible, vehicles must obtain a certain “environmental score”, linked to the CO2 emissions generated by their materials or their transport.

This score will reflect the environmental performance of the vehicle’s manufacturing. It will be calculated based on various data including the model (number of seats, autonomy, etc.), the mounting location, the volume (weight of materials without battery), the characteristics of the battery (weight and location of manufacturing). ) and the breakdown of the logistics plan (transport and distance traveled between the place of production and the place of marketing), Bercy revealed this Monday. Criteria that should exclude most electric vehicles produced in Asia and, in particular, China, although some small models may be eligible.

“We are going to stop subsidizing electric vehicles that have a bad carbon footprint,” which “will allow us to promote more virtuous industrial production,” said Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire in a statement sent by the ministry. “We give an advantage to French and European companies that strive to reduce their environmental footprint,” said Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Energy Transition.

Starting in 2025, three more pieces of information will be required: the repairability of the battery, the incorporation of recycled plastic materials and the incorporation of materials of biological origin.

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The first eligible models known in December

For a model to qualify for the ecological bonus, each vehicle model must be the subject of a file submitted by the manufacturer to ADEME. Only vehicles that have subsequently obtained a minimum score of 60 or 70 out of 100 will be recognized as eligible.

The list of models eligible for the new ecological bonus will not be known until mid-December. Regarding the amount of the bonus, currently set at 7,000 euros for low-income households and 5,000 euros for the rest, as well as the target groups, it is still being arbitrated to determine whether or not it is necessary to increase the aid and modify the concession. criteria.

According to Bercy, this ecological bonus should make it possible to reduce France’s carbon footprint by 800,000 tons of co²/year.

Author: Gaëtane Meslin with Paul Louis
Source: BFM TV

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