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MAP. Which municipality has the most SUVs in Ile-de-France?

While the Paris city council wants to discourage SUVs from driving within its walls, a quick review of the Ile-de-France municipalities where residents own the most.

After Lyon, it’s Paris’ turn to tackle the SUVs. Too bulky and, therefore, too polluting and dangerous, is how Mayor Anne Hidalgo sums it up in a video posted on social media this week.

The list of “SUV cities”

A consultation is therefore planned for February 4, similar to the recent vote on self-service scooters, to increase the price of parking these models for non-residents. In short, to discourage off-road vehicles from entering Paris with their vehicles. But which municipality has more in the inner suburbs, the departments bordering Paris?

Answer with our interactive map featuring data provided by AAA Data. It is also possible to find out the SUV rate for your municipality by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top left.

Only one department obtains better results than Paris

There are 638,490 SUVs in and around Paris, or 24% of the total fleet of more than 2.6 million cars.

By departments, it is logically Altos del Sena that takes the prize for the highest proportion of SUVs with 29.3% of the registered vehicle fleet. SUVs were originally offered by high-end brands, hence a certain tropism of these models in the richest areas in terms of per capita income, before becoming generalized among all manufacturers.

It should be noted that the SUVs “resident” in Paris, which are not affected by the measure, represent 26.6% of the park. It is, therefore, the second department with the most in the region… and well ahead of the following: Yvelines (22%), Val-de-Marne (20.5%), Seine and Marne (19.9 %), Val d’Oise (19.6%), Essonne (19.3%) and finally Seine-Saint-Denis (18.9%).

The indiscreet: the city of Paris will organize a vote on the future of SUVs in the capital – 11/15


It is also in Hauts-de-Seine where the city with the most SUVs in terms of volume is located: in Rueil-Malmaison, with 24,996 units in circulation, just ahead of Courbevoie, with 20,994 models sold.

Rungis, SUV capital of the Ile-de-France

Proportionally, it is in Rungis (Val-de-Marne) where we find a greater number of SUVs. They represent 43.6% of the park, undoubtedly linked to the presence of the National Interest Market (MIN) in this city and therefore of numerous professionals. A public that would also be saved from the increase in parking prices in the Paris mayor’s project.

Then we find four Parisian arrondissements (8th, 1st, 2nd and 9th, from highest to lowest SUV), with rates above 39%.

Find the SUV rate directly in your municipality by writing your name or zip code in the following search engine:

AAA Data provided us with data on the vehicle fleet registered in the different municipalities of Ile-de-France and districts of Paris. Please note that this affects all “B-SUV, C-SUV, D-SUV, E-SUV and F-SUV” (which are part of the “SUV” category), while the Paris city hall project plans to focus solely on thermals. and hybrid SUVs over 1.6 tons and electric SUVs over 2 tons. A significant nuance that is not present in our figures, which give a simple view of the proportion of SUVs per municipality.

Author: Julien Bonnet, with Théophile Magoria
Source: BFM TV

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