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Car insurance: this advantage that electric cars will maintain in 2024

The exemption from the special tax on insurance contracts (TSCA) will finally be maintained next year. At least partly for new electric car owners and entirely for future beneficiaries of social leasing.

This is an advantage that new electric car owners could lose next year. Finally, the exemption from the Special Tax on Insurance Contracts (TSCA) will be maintained.

Partial or total maintenance depending on the case

As indicated The Parisian, this system, implemented at the beginning of 2022, would end on December 31, 2023. This will be the case for those who bought an electric car in 2022, who will therefore have to pay this TSCA next year. But an amendment presented by the LR group will maintain it, at 50%, for those who acquired their car in 2023.

The total exemption is also maintained for 12 months for those who buy an electric car in 2024, and then also at 50% for the following 12 months.

It should be noted that future beneficiaries of the social lease, the 100 euro electric car for low-income families, will be 100% exempt from this TSCA and without an expiration date, thanks to an amendment presented by a Renaissance MP.

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Savings from 15 to 25%

“An advantage that is not insignificant,” highlighted last September a study by the comparator Assurland, which estimated savings of 25% in third-party insurance and 15% for all risks.

The study was concerned about the loss of this advantage: in 2023, the average premium was 563 euros for an electric car, compared to 645 euros for a gasoline model.

Enough to somewhat limit the damage from the increase in auto insurance premiums expected for next year. Assurland expects increases of between 3.5% and 4%, that is, more than the 2.5% to 3% observed in 2023. Forecasts similar to those of the firm Facts & Figures, while the firm Addactis he mentioned an increase that could range between 4% and 5%. %.

Author: Julien Bonnet
Source: BFM TV

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