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Logimatiq system: extending click and collect to professionals

In the first half of 2021, 41% of online shoppers used Click and Collect, which is 10% more than in 2020. Although it is now common to use this solution for individuals, it is still not entirely true in the world professional. Logimatiq, an expert in automatic distribution, tries to put click and collect at the service of professionals.

From vending machines to automated click and collect

Founded more than 25 years ago by two brothers with an engineering background, Logimatiq has always been ahead of its time. From the automatic distribution of videocassettes to click and collect through a greater presence in the industrial sector, the company quickly became a must in the sector. Logimatiq now makes production products available to the industrial sector through vending machines. This service thus allows companies to obtain accurate monitoring of employee consumption.

To refine its offering, the Rhone-based company wants to offer automated click-and-pick solutions to these same businesses to simplify inventory management and order taking.

A proven solution

Since 2012, Logimatiq has been present in the Netherlands, in particular through its Click and Collect offer. The company benefited from a real acceleration in orders during the Covid period, particularly with pharmacies. ” Medical prescriptions are dematerialized, pharmacies therefore prepare medicines and deposit them in click and collectadds the executive director.

This system, Stéphane Benchetrit wishes to extend it to nurses and the medical profession in France. A solution that, according to him, saves considerable time, since there is no schedule, is suitable for vulnerable people and allows health professionals to save precious time.

In France, the Click and Collect service will benefit from a rebound in 2024, the year in which drug prescriptions, biological analyses, nursing care and even medical imaging examinations will be completely dematerialized.

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