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Ahead of Hellraiser’s debut on Hulu, original actor Pinhead is excited about the new character design

For horror fans, actor Doug Bradley’s name has become synonymous with hell franchise thanks to its iconic take on the main Cenobite, affectionately referred to as Pinhead by fans. That might be hard to believe given the extent of Bradley’s shadow now looming over the franchise, but the actor barely appeared on screen for more than a few minutes in the first film. hell film – brilliantly adapted by Clive Barker from his own novel the infernal heart. Now the actor talks about Hulu hell character redesign that helped make him iconic.

Pinhead is one of the great icons of terror. , and Doug Bradley diligently played the role of Pinhead through the ups and downs of the franchise, and sadly there are a lot of lows, until Bradley was unceremoniously replaced for the ninth and tenth episodes of the franchise. While some fans may be skeptical of Hulu’s upcoming reboot, thanks to how many sequels have felt disposable, one person isn’t skeptical, and it’s Hell Priest actor Doug Bradley himself. .

Bradley took to his Twitter to express his excitement about the Pinhead redesign, sharing that he was “a little stunned.”

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I agree with Bradley: Pinhead’s new design is simple, subtle, and strikingly beautiful. my enthusiasm for hellThe launch of has grown steadily ever since Jamie Clayton gave us our first look in his version of Pinhead.

In addition to these 6 quick things we know about Hulu’s reimagining of Hellraiser we meet director David Bruckner, who directed 2020 brilliantly revised The house of the night mystery / thriller: I wanted the new version of Pinhead to be closer to Clive Barker’s original vision for the character. While the creepy grids of the Bradley era remain, the simple studs are gone, now replaced by shiny jewel-like brooches that will make readers of Barker’s original novel very happy.

In the exclusive 24 News Bulletin interview, you can also hear director David Bruckner discuss what made Jamie Clayton the perfect Pinhead ahead of its release.

For most fans, the first three films of hell franchises are the gold standard. From the fourth film, Hellraiser: lineage– also known as Pinhead in space – from that point on the films have gone downhill and worse and of lower quality. If ever there was a franchise ready to reboot or reinvent itself, hell IS.

After Hulu has restarted the Predator affiliated with critically acclaimed Prey I am as excited as Doug Bradley to see what they have in store for us with the hell reinvent While Hulu is busy rebooting many of my favorite horror franchises, might the streamer consider these eight franchises the best for a reboot, perhaps in the past?

Source: Cinemablend

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