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Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer Features Chris Pratt in the Mushroom Kingdom, but Jack Black’s Bowser is on Fire

There is already a lot of color 2023 new movie releases which we first saw in 2022. If this were to be considered a competition, there could be a case for Universal and Illumination. Super Mario Bros. movie be crowned winner. That’s not all that can be said after the movie’s first trailer comes out, because the world of the Mushroom Kingdom needs a hero and it looks like we’re about to have one in this cinematic origin story.

Universal Pictures has finally released the trailer for Super Mario Bros. movie During today’s nintendo live event. Featuring a burning island ruled by none other than Bowser (Jack Black) himself breaking into a peaceful ice fortress, some pretty tough penguins attempt to defend their home. It’s a shame the cowardly lizardman has breath of fire and wizards by his side.

Including the controversial casting of Chris Pratt as Mario, Super Mario Bros. movie problem That’s a pretty impressive list. Unfortunately, we only hear a little of Pratt’s Mario, as well as Jack Black’s Bowser, and there’s a brief glimpse of Charlie Day’s Luigi. No offense to Pratt, whose Mario really needs more time to shine first. to pass judgment, but if this trailer has an MVP, it’s the King of the Koopas.

Black Jack’s performance has just the right amount of bombast and meanness to sell that Bowser is a real threat. Think of the Po Kung Fu Panda, only instead of being on the side of good, he melts an ice fortress for a Power Star. It is a total demonstration of confidence and attitude, without any embarrassment; so Super Mario Bros. movie it has already had a legitimate start to box office success.

The world of animation had its last big success thanks to the previous partnership of Universal and Illumination, Minions: The Rise of Gru crush his first weekend . With a gross debut of $ 108.5 million, the studio’s partners are clearly poised to bring even more exciting fun to the world. Tying this perspective to Nintendo’s legendary IP is just the latest expansion the company has embarked on to do just that, and the results look pretty exciting.

What we saw in this trailer could also spill over into the world of theme parks, thanks again to the efforts of Universal as a whole. With super nintendo land already open at Universal Studios Japan, e The Universal Studios Hollywood variant has already been promoted when building it, it doesn’t take much effort to do it Super Mario Bros. movie Attend this special event.

Of course, there will still be those who have flashbacks of the Other film that adapts the adventures of Mario and Luigi. While some have spoken in defense of Super Mario Bros. the world at large still seems a little allergic to the 1993 blockbuster. Whatever your feelings about that previous incarnation, Super Mario Bros. movie it looks completely different from what we have seen before.

The Mushroom Kingdom may prove to be an incredible delight for everyone, but we’ll have to wait until next spring to find out. Super Mario Bros. movie will kick off in a theater near you on April 7, 2023 and with a 3D version in the works! For now, we’ll just have to sit back and think about the big questions, like “Will Black Jack’s Bowser somehow become another David Harbor-style thirst trap?” Laugh but weird things to have past.

Source: Cinemablend

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