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Russell Brand: London police received report of sexual assault

Scotland Yard announced that it had received a report of a sexual assault that allegedly occurred in 2003, adding to the accusations against the former British presenter and actor.

London police announced Monday that they had received a report of a sexual assault that allegedly occurred 20 years ago, adding to allegations against former British presenter and actor Russell Brand.

Referring to allegations reported by the Sunday Times and Channel 4, London police said they had received a report on Sunday about a sexual assault that allegedly took place in 2003 in the lively Soho district.

“Investigators are in contact with the woman,” a spokesman said, explaining that she would benefit from police support.

“We continue to encourage anyone who believes they may have been a victim of sexual assault, regardless of its duration, to contact us,” the Scotland Yard spokesperson added.

Four testimonies

In a joint journalistic investigation Sunday weather AND The timesIn addition to Channel 4, four women accused the actor of rape or sexual assault between 2006 and 2013, when Russell Brand was at the height of his career, both as a presenter on BBC Radio 2 and Channel 4 and as an actor in Hollywood.

Before these publications, the 48-year-old former presenter, now active mainly on social networks, had firmly denied these accusations, stating in a video published on several platforms that he had always had “totally consensual” relationships. He denounced a “coordinated attack.”

“Very serious and worrying accusations”

During his career as a comedian, on television and in film, in the United Kingdom and then in the United States, Russell Brand was noted for his repeated escapades, his former addiction to alcohol and heroin, his brief marriage to pop singer Katy Perry and his tendency to boast about his many female conquests.

He has recently made numerous conspiratorial, anti-vaccine and anti-mainstream comments on his YouTube channel, followed by more than 6 million subscribers, or on his X account (formerly Twitter) with more than 11 million subscribers.

The matter sparked reactions all the way to Downing Street, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s spokesman speaking on Monday of “very serious and worrying allegations.” The media outlets that employed Russell Brand also indicated on Sunday that they would investigate these allegations internally.

Author: CL with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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