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K-Pop singer Kyuhyun is slightly injured by a woman armed with a knife

The singer was in the dressing rooms of a show in which he was participating when an unknown thirty-year-old member of the troupe entered with a gun.

K-Pop singer Kyuhyun, known as one of the members of the boy band Super Junior, was slightly injured on Sunday during an altercation with a young woman who entered the dressing room of a theater in Seoul armed with a knife.

As reported by Time magazine, Kyuhyun has been performing at the LG Arts Center in the capital of South Korea since September, as part of the musical. Ben Hur, in which he played one of the main roles. The final performance took place on Sunday night and the altercation took place after the show.

“Treated immediately”

The BBC reports that a woman in her thirties, unknown to all of the company’s artists, entered their dressing room with a knife in her hand, around 6 p.m. (local time).

“While trying to control her, (Kyuhyun) suffered a slight scratch on his finger,” explains Antenna Music, the singer’s agency, in a press release.

“He was treated immediately at the scene and is in good health, fully capable of carrying out his usual activities.” According to Sky News, the young woman was arrested. The reason for her intrusion is currently unknown.

Kyuhyun (real name Cho Kyu-hyun) is 35 years old. He has been working in South Korean showbiz since the 2000s and is particularly known as one of the members of the former group Super Junior. He has since worked as an actor, singer and television presenter.

Author: Benjamin Pierret
Source: BFM TV

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