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Big Brother’s Kyle Capener Shares His Relationship Status With Alyssa After Floating Pool Sex And Breakup (& More)

Older brotherby Kyle Capener received the support of Houseguests after he was admitted and apologized for handling the game with racial bias, but that wasn’t enough to save him from being expelled this week. Clash of the Week actually ended its starring role with Alyssa Snider, but after live viewers watched their breakup followed by a sexual encounter, some may wonder where things really stand between them.

I had the opportunity to ask Kyle questions before he officially entered the jury room and learned a few details about the official situation between them. Before we got into what he had to say about the infamous pool float sex sessions, here’s what Kyle shared about his relationship status with Alyssa:

So we’re really separate. She made it clear a few days ago, but our feelings are still very strong. And we decided to quit the game and watch the whole season, and that’s where we’re going. So that’s where we lie.

For now Kyle and Alyssa are no longer a couple. That said, it looks like they will stay in touch and may get back together at a later time, assuming neither are too offended by what they see after watching the season at home. With that in mind, there seems to be a good chance they’ll be a couple again once the game is over.

Fans will likely remember Kyle and Alyssa’s show better than some recent ones, thanks to some truly memorable moments. what they were game event monitoring with a Paramount + subscription He watched them sneak into the Aver-Not room to have sex on a pool float, and things ended abruptly. I asked Kyle why they decided the pool float was the best place for this, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a straight answer:

Hate. There are no comments [laughs].

Kyle’s comment is as short as the ten seconds he repeated over and over during their intimacy in the inflatable pool. Perhaps he was surprised to find that the meeting was being filmed by the public, or he simply did not expect to receive a question about it in light of last week’s controversy.

An important question related to the situation is how Alyssa will behave in the game with Kyle away from home. She has been largely protected by him since The Leftovers, to the point that he has the majority alliance broke Yes helped remove ally Joseph Abdin to push a target away from your back. You will now have to navigate the game with few true allies in the end, but you may be able to run and even win. We can just wait and see how Alyssa fares and what she has to say about Kyle and their relationship during the rest of her time at home.

Older brother aired on CBS (opens in a new tab) Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. A the new head of the family is planning removals as we speak, then find out what they could do and sign up to Paramount + for a live streaming subscription to watch everything in real time.

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