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Peacock follows Netflix’s lead in canceling the show an extra season

There’s something especially cruel about wasting your precious time watching and committing to a series only to later learn of its cancellation. However, it has become more common lately, especially on streaming services like Netflix, which has recently pissed off fans multiple rounds of cancellations after a season’s races . Now Peacock is following Netflix’s lead by pulling two series.

peacock vampire academy was officially canceled by Universal’s streaming service after just one season. The decision was made three months after the Season 1 finale aired. It was the last series of the vampire diaries showrunner Julie Plec, who previously promoted it as ” Bridgerton and the hunger games with the vampires . Following the announcement of its cancellation, one of the stars of the vampire academy the casting Jonetta Kaiser went by car instagram to share your thoughts.

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Kaiser shared how “scary” he can be as an actor these days where “most shows now get kicked out after just one season.” As TV fans know, tons of shows take more than one season to find their footing, and with so many shows, sometimes they need time to find the time. The actress also said how grateful she was for the experience she was in vampire academy also revealing the hope that the cancellation doesn’t really mean it’s the end of the series based on the book series by Richelle Mead.

However, that’s not the only cancellation news that just happened for Peacock. For weekly entertainment the streaming service has also decided to finish another YA book adaptation, one of us is lying. After the series based on the novel by Karen M. McManus saw its first season finish at the end of 2021 , its second season was released in October 2022 and made a season 3 while it was at it. However, fans won’t be able to see how that plays out after Peacock’s decision.

In response to the news, one of us is lying Star Annalisa Cochrane commented “Ouch” on her Instagram story with one of the reports. The two-season run in particular has received positive praise from both critics and audiences, and given the massive cliffhanger the final episode left for audiences, fans aren’t happy with this news.

The unfinished series continues to have a home for those with a peacock subscription as fans process this news. At the moment, Peacock is still catching up with the competition and has far fewer subscribers than streamers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO Max, for statesman . The service has some big hits coming to the platform in the future, including a friday the 13th prequel and a new one Battlestar Galactica series. We’ll keep you posted here on 24 News Bulletin on upcoming Peacock content.

Source: Cinemablend

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