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Why Law & Order: SVU’s tragic return of crossover actually made me less nervous about Rollins’ 24 season farewell

Spoiler ahead for the three-part crossover in between Right, Law and order: SVUYes Law and order: organized crime September 22.

NBC shows Right the franchise is back with his first three-part crossover which brought together the characters of the original, Organized crimeand of course special unit for victims. While crossover is a big deal for the franchise, probably the biggest news of the summer was more about the next release of Kelli Giddish What Amanda Rollin. Not much is confirmed about how Rollins will be written beyond what is expected in the first half of season 24, but after the violent and disturbing first, I actually feel a lot less nervous about the future than him.

The episode became so violent and disturbing for Rollins in the third hour of the crossover event, when he seemed to have an easy job: caring for a sex trafficker while he was safe. . Everything went wrong when she and another policeman went out to take the girl back to town, and several shooters appeared out of nowhere. Rollins did everything possible to protect the young. Nicolaand was shot in the chest for his discomfort.

Kelli Giddish crushed her performance when her character realized what was going on and felt all the pain and fear … and it took so long for the episode to reveal her fate that many fans they probably remembered the Rollins Swan singing they were performing this season. .

benson was horrified when he found out that his friend and colleague had been shot but he recovered enough to be there carisi, who barely held back her panic and didn’t really hold back the tears as she tried to figure out what had happened. (Congratulations to Pietro Scanavino also for his performance, because I discovered something about me: when Carisi cries, I cry!) Then he recomposed himself as much as possible to get to the hospital … and then Rollins’ fate was revealed only towards the end. Very late.

Fortunately, she was alive and, if not quite healthy, surrounded by flowers, balloons, and a very worried assistant district attorney who seemed immensely relieved to see her awake. Rollins had a near-death experience but survived. So why does such a traumatic turn make me feel better about his future?

Well, I can’t imagine it. SVU he would start Rollins’ final season by nearly killing her, then kill her and / or deal another blow soon after. I feel we can rule out a kill due to her extremely dramatic breakthrough and survival. Her death later would sabotage the story, and I don’t think fans of the character need one more reason to be mad at the show for Giddish’s departure.

In fact, it was such a tragic and traumatic turn for Rollins that I feel better about making a decision for herself that led to her leaving special victims. I’m not entirely sure what that choice would be, because ideally it would be a choice that wouldn’t break Carisi’s heart in the process. There is no news of Peter Scanavino going anywhere.

While I can see her decide to quit active duty police work for the sake of her daughters, that would be the same SVU he wrote Kat left early in season 23. (He decided to leave after nearly dying from a gunshot wound in the field, although the actress is ready to return .) There are virtually endless possibilities at this point, but I feel comfortable excluding Rollins from leaving due to death or a terrible tragedy. He has already experienced his he tragedy of the season, so while I’m sad that time is running out before Rollins is gone, I’m less nervous about how he will turn out.

See Law and order: SVU left Kelli Giddish as Amanda Rollins in season 24 with new episodes on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET, between Right Season 22 (which soon explain Kevin Bernard’s absence ) at 20 hours. Law and order: organized crime at 22:00 SVU has already start a new detective who will join the unit, e a BTS photo of Mariska Hargitay This shows that the newcomer and Rollins will overlap at least for a while. You can also review SVU days spent streaming with a peacock subscription .

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