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United States, Canada, Ireland: these countries that warn about cases of botulism in France

While around fifteen people have been identified as having contracted botulism, a rare neurological disease, health authorities in several foreign countries are warning their citizens.

Call for caution. Following the death of a 32-year-old woman and the hospitalization of several people due to cases of dietary botulism, the English, American, Irish and Canadian health authorities are calling on their citizens who frequented the restaurant in question located in Bordeaux, in the Gironde. , go immediately to the emergency room. A precautionary measure, since those affected identified so far are all foreign nationals.

Seek emergency treatment in case of symptoms.

The Irish Health Protection Surveillance Center (HSPC), under the Department of Public Health, “advises anyone who ate sardines at the Tchin Tchin Wine Bar” in Bordeaux “between Monday 4 and Sunday 10 September ” and “to feel bad about going for emergency treatment,” in a statement issued Wednesday.

The same goes for the UK Public Health Agency (UKHSA). It indicates that “alerts were issued to warn anyone who ate” at the restaurant in question during the period from September 4 to 10. The health agency specifies that three British citizens are among the identified patients and are currently being treated in England.

The Canadian health agency also reports three cases among its nationals. “It is possible that other Canadians traveling to France who ate a meal at this restaurant may be identified, given that the symptoms of botulism take up to eight days to appear,” he explains in a press release published on THURSDAY.

Two Americans are also added to the list. “Taking into account the last known meal (September 9, 2023), additional cases are possible,” the North American authorities also report.

Up to 8 days of incubation.

In total, twelve people have so far been identified who present signs “clinically suggestive of alimentary botulism”, this rare neurological disease that can cause, in its most severe forms, paralysis of muscles, particularly respiratory muscles, and then cause death. Its symptoms may appear between 2 hours and 8 days after ingestion.

Infection in Bordeaux: what is botulism?


According to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Health Agency (ARS), all those affected identified are of foreign nationality: there are Canadian, Spanish, American, German, Spanish and Irish citizens.

The deceased is a 32-year-old woman who died in Île-de-France. She had frequented the Bordeaux restaurant with her partner, who is still in intensive care. The Bordeaux prosecutor’s office decided this Friday to open a preliminary investigation on charges of unintentional injuries, involuntary manslaughter, marketing of foods harmful to health and sale of corrupt or toxic foods.

Author: Juliette Desmonceaux
Source: BFM TV

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