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Covid-19: does it make sense to get revaccinated before the end of the year holidays?

Three weeks before Christmas, the question of receiving a new booster dose arises, while the numbers of infections and hospitalizations increase and the 4th dose has had little success.

The pollution figures rise and question. With three weeks to Christmas and a month to New Years, is it better to get vaccinated against Covid-19 to protect yourself and your loved ones, as the new BQ.1.1 variant spreads?

“Imperative” for people at risk

For people at risk, “Christmas or no Christmas, getting vaccinated is imperative, it’s really time,” immunology professor Alain Fischer told BFMTV.com.

According to the old President of the Orientation Council of the Vaccine Strategy, the current period, marked by a rebound in the number of positive cases, requires updating vaccination. “The virus is circulating a lot,” he said.

Currently, the 4th dose of the vaccine is open to fragile audiences: over 60 years of age, residents of nursing homes, people with comorbidities and those affected by immunosuppression, and pregnant women. People who live with or are in regular contact with frail people are also affected.

Despite this rebound, only 2 million people received an injection of which 1.8 million received a vaccine adapted to the variants, according to the Ministry of Health. And less than one person aged 80 or older (9.4%) and 7.2% of those aged 60-79 received a reminder.

“Recommended” for relatives of frail people

What about people not classified as fragile? For people who live with a fragile person on a daily basis or who see them regularly, Professor Alain Fischer again recommends caution to people whose last memory goes back more than six months. “It is recommended to get vaccinated,” he says.

If you plan to see your grandparents only during the holidays, vaccination is “less imperative” for you, continues the scientist. “The risk of complications is extremely low with the current variant” for those under 60, he adds.

“But if they want it and are hesitant, they might as well,” he said.

Patrick Pelloux, president of the Association of Emergency Physicians of France, a guest on BFMTV this Friday, is more incisive on the subject. “To protect yourself is to protect the other,” he insists.

“It is worth taking the test”

In any case, for the vaccination to take effect, it is better to do it at least eight days before meeting your loved ones, recommends Alain Fischer.

Both also remember that the anti-Covid tests continue to be relevant for this end of the year in the event of the appearance of symptoms or contact with an infected person. “It is worth getting tested if there are risks or people with chronic diseases around the table,” says Patrick Pelloux.

Government spokesman Olivier Véran on Thursday called on the elderly or sick French people on BFMTV to give a new reminder of the Covid-19 vaccine. He regretted that “only 20%” of them are “up to date” in the midst of the epidemic outbreak of Covid-19 and influenza.

Author: Juliette Desmondeaux
Source: BFM TV

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