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Lampedusa: LR and RN oppose a European distribution of immigrants

Eric Ciotti and Jordan Bardella oppose a European distribution of the migrants who arrived last week on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

The presidents of LR and RN opposed this Tuesday morning a European distribution of immigrants from the Italian island of Lampedusa who could apply for asylum, as provided for in a reform that is about to be adopted by the EU.

“In no case should we welcome them, much less distribute them on European territory. I am totally opposed to this,” declared Republican leader Éric Ciotti to RTL.

Solidarity system

“They must be returned instead of distributed. There must be a very clear European Union policy to guarantee that these people return to their country of origin,” added Éric Ciotti, for whom France is already facing “a form of migratory overwhelming.” . .

In addition to an accelerated examination of the asylum applications of certain migrants at EU borders, the asylum and immigration pact, which Member States and the European Parliament could agree before the European elections, provides for a system of solidarity between Member States in the care of asylum seekers. .

“Pact of Submersion”

Member States would be obliged to welcome a certain number of these applicants who arrive in an EU country subject to migratory pressure or, failing that, to make a financial contribution to this country of around 20,000 euros for each asylum applicant. relocated.

“I voted against this asylum and migration pact in the European Parliament, which in reality is a pact of submersion,” insisted the president of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, on Europe1/CNews.

“The texts provide for imposing on Member States a mandatory distribution of immigrants in our municipalities. Either immigration is accepted with its misfortunes or very expensive fines are paid to the European Union. So that is not possible,” he said. she insisted.

“In the framework of the European elections in June, I will be the candidate of France, which today can no longer take its part on immigration,” insisted the head of the RN list, who on Friday had asked Emmanuel Macron to commit to not to welcome “a single migrant” from Lampedusa.

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