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Endometriosis, family allowances and inclusive writing on the menu of the RN parliamentary niche

On October 12, deputies from the far-right party will be able to include their legislative proposals on the agenda of the National Assembly. The opportunity to defend your favorite things but also to raise difficulties for other parliamentary groups.

It’s a day when the National Rally hopes to set traps for its adversaries, while defending some of its favorite things. On October 12, the deputies of the far-right party will include texts on the agenda of the National Assembly on the occasion of their parliamentary niche.

This Tuesday they presented their bills in a non-negligible order since, during the specific session, they will no longer be able to defend them after midnight.

Catching left in endometriosis

The first, agreed upon, aims to put other fields in difficulties, such as the previous parliamentary niche of RN. It consists of better recognizing endometriosis, a chronic disease that affects between 1.5 and 2.5 million women in France and causes painful periods.

The carrier of this bill, Jean-Philippe Tanguy, calls for granting endometriosis the status of an “exempt” long-term disease (ALD), “fully covered by health insurance.” He also intends to “recognize women who are victims of endometriosis and who express the need” as “disabled workers.”

This text on endometriosis could embarrass the left, in particular La Francia insumisa, which calls on the government to take the initiative “urgently” on this issue. asked in the obsA few days ago, deputy Clémentine Autain had denounced “a smokescreen to try to confuse the ideological position of the RN”, criticizing the “project” of the flame party, which remains “deeply reactionary and sexist”, according to her.

The rebel herself had presented a resolution, at the beginning of 2022, for endometriosis to be recognized as a long-term disease. In her interview for the obscalled on the Minister of Health, Aurélien Rousseau, to issue an emergency decree “to remove the floor from the registered nurse.”

Suspension of family allowances

The second text of the RN refers to the suspension of family allowances for parents of delinquent or delinquent children. This is a measure already proposed by Marine Le Pen’s party, but also by LR, in response to the riots that shook the country at the beginning of summer, after the death of the young Nahel at the hands of the police.

This summer, Emmanuel Macron exposed himself to sanctions. “It is necessary that for the first infraction we manage to financially sanction the parents,” judged the President of the Republic, in comments collected by The Parisian. However, the Head of State stated that he wanted to “act on a case-by-case basis” and “not necessarily” suspend family allowances.

Ban inclusive writing

The fourth RN bill consists of prohibiting inclusive writing “in school and university editions, productions and publications, as well as in civil, administrative and commercial acts.”

The text reminds of another. During the summer of 2021, RN MP Sébastien Chenu, supported by Marine Le Pen in his approach, presented a similar bill. It was then a matter of responding to the Lyon city council, which had chosen to adopt an inclusive writing for its communication. The ban on inclusive writing appeared in Marine Le Pen’s program for the 2022 presidential elections. The current head of deputies RN called it “sacrilege” in November 2021when protesting against a publication of the Constitutional Council.

Beyond these three legislative proposals, RN’s parliamentary niche includes three others aimed respectively at “reducing the energy bill of the French and companies”, at creating an “income supplement guaranteed by the State for students who work during their studies” and to “strengthen the control of minority declarations by foreigners”.

It is also worth noting “a proposed resolution that invites the government to grant political asylum to Julian Assange”, presented by Marine Le Pen. Located in seventh position in the niche, it nevertheless has very little chance of being debated.

Author: Baptiste Farge with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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