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Use of 49.3 in public finances: the left announces the presentation of a motion of censure

After the Government resorted to the first 49.3 of the parliamentary season, the presidents of the Nupes group announced this Wednesday night that they would present a motion of censure.

The left-wing Nupes alliance announced that it would present a motion of censure against the Government this Wednesday, a few minutes after the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, used article 49.3 of the Constitution in a public finance programming project.

“This is the only way for the National Assembly to defend ourselves” against the use of article 49.3, denounced the leader of the deputies of La France insoumise, Mathilde Panot, on behalf of her party and the socialists and communists. and environmentalists.

This text will lead to “social and ecological abuse that we cannot accept,” he added.

“We need this law”

For the first time in the parliamentary season, Élisabeth Borne held her government accountable by resorting to this article of the Constitution that allows the adoption of a text without a vote, but exposes the government to a motion of censure.

Emmanuel Macron, a president who breaks with the French?


“No group is willing to vote on this text that is essential for our country. This text has already been rejected in the first reading. We need this law to program our public finances. We cannot take the slightest risk,” said the Prime Minister. , defending a “responsibility” text, shortly before midnight, at the end of the debates that began at 9:30 p.m.

Author: TP with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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