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Immigration law: those close to Macron ask deputies to “not vote” for the version toughened by the Senate

Several close or former friends of Emmanuel Macron, including Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Marisol Touraine and Jean Pisani-Ferry, hope to convince the deputies of the presidential majority not to accept the immigration bill in the version approved by the Senate. The Upper House has considerably toughened this text.

A letter to pressure the government. At the time of the arrival of the immigration project at the Palais-Bourbon commission, in the intimes or ex-proches of Emmanuel Macron appealed to the députés of the majorité présidentielle à “ne pas voter” la version des senateurs adopted mi- November.

“The text adopted in the Senate constitutes a break. It grants long-proposed measures that neither the Senate nor the Assembly had wanted to take into account,” write the signatories of this article published by L’Opinion and BFMTV. com was able to obtain.

Cohn-Bendit, Touraine and Pisani-Ferry among the signatories

Before judging that the new provisions introduced by the senators represent “a principled hostility that is now shown not only towards immigration but towards foreigners themselves, most of the time due to their origin and culture.”

Among the list of personalities who participated in this forum, we find several close to Emmanuel Macron such as Marisol Touraine, former Minister of Health of François Hollande, or even Jean-Marc Borello, one of the co-founders of Renaissance (ex En Marche). ).

Jean Pisani-Ferry, Philippe Martin and Philippe Aghion are also among the signing faces. These economists had worked on Emmanuel Macron’s presidential program in 2017 and have since distanced themselves.

Former environmentalist Daniel Cohn-Bendit, filmmaker Romain Goupil and Pascal Brice, former director of OFPRA, also signed this text, as did Thierry Pech, president of the Terra Nova think tank.

A senatorial version that considerably toughens the government’s copy

This forum seeks to weigh in on the battle, as the presidential majority is expected to cross swords within its troops in the coming days.

At issue: the numerous modifications voted by the Senate on the immigration bill. End of the agrarian law, end of emergency medical assistance, disappearance of article 3 that sought to regularize undocumented workers in scarce professions…

The senators, led by the head of LR in the Senate, Bruno Retailleau, have considerably toughened this bill promoted by Gérald Darmanin, far removed from the balance promised by the Minister of the Interior. Without scaring the Renaissance senators who also voted in favor of this bill.

“This text carries a generalized stigmatization of foreigners but it does not seem to us that it contains any guarantee of ‘firmness’ or at least of effectiveness,” continues this forum.

The impossible balance in the Assembly

The tenant of Place Beauvau welcomed the senatorial version. The forty-year-old thus greeted “a co-constructed text”, “enriched by the Senate”.

Enough to seriously worry the left wing of the macro-grandson, who wants at all costs for the bill to resemble the copy promised by the executive between “humanity” and “firmness.”

The president of the Legal Commission, Sacha Houlié, for his part, has already announced the color, promising to “restore the executive’s ambitious text.”

At the risk of losing the votes of the right that fiercely rejects a residence permit for professions in tension and that the Government so badly needs in the absence of an absolute majority? Suffice it to say that the executive has reason to worry about the committee debates in the coming days.

The hope of an alliance between the left and the majority

The signatories of this text, for their part, hope for a possible alliance between a part of the macro-fog and the left to save the balance of the text.

“We welcome the spirit of openness that allowed majority and opposition elected officials to adopt common positions on certain aspects of the bill,” they write.

Several left-wing figures, such as Fabien Roussel and Julien Bayou, met last September with Sacha Houlié and the Renaissance MP Stella Dupont to occupy the cover of Libération and defend the creation of a residence permit for unemployed workers in construction or restoration.

At the beginning of November, a forum of modern elected officials was also signed to defend the restoration of state medical aid, whose return to the text in the Assembly is defended by Élisabeth Borne and the Minister of Health Aurélien Rousseau.

“It is up to you to stop a dangerous drift”

“We are not in a position to give lessons. We ask, for example, for more specific management of the OQTF. But we feel that we are at a turning point in the political discourse,” explains one of the signatories, Pascal Brice, specialist. on immigration issues.

To convince, the signatories plan to meet with the majority deputies in the coming days.

“It is up to you to stop a dangerous drift and guide the country towards efficiency and appeasement. We count on you and we are at your disposal to debate,” the forum concludes.

Two of the signatories had already appealed to Emmanuel Macron in 2018 against the asylum-immigration law presented by the then Minister of the Interior, Gérard Collomb.

“Mr Macron, your policy contradicts the humanism you defend!” wrote Thierry Pech and Jean Pisani-Ferry. After heated debates that fractured the macro-granddaughter, the bill was indeed adopted.

Author: Marie-Pierre Bourgeois
Source: BFM TV

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