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More researchers, financial aid… The government reveals its plan against violence against children

“Help” for young people who leave the ASE, increase in staff in the Central Office for Minors… The new plan against child violence, which includes twenty measures, is considered insufficient for several associations

A battery of measures, including additional specialized researchers, and a “boost” of 1,500 euros from the age of 18 for young people who leave social assistance: Élisabeth Borne chaired the III Interministerial Committee on Children (CIE) on Monday, focused mainly on the fight against violence. which generates disappointment among the associations.

“On the occasion of this International Day of the Rights of the Child, the message I want to send is that whenever improvement is possible, we must continue to act,” declared the Prime Minister at the presentation of the CIE, in Matignon.

“We have to strike a blow to give the impression that we are stopping the reproduction of violence,” the Secretary of State for Children, Charlotte Caubel, insisted on Monday morning during a visit to Élisabeth Borne and Gérald Darmanin, of the Central Office for Minors (Ofmin). in Nanterre (Hauts de Seine).

Double the number of researchers in two years

Bringing together eleven members of the Government around the Prime Minister, this third CIE, an organization established in November 2022, translates into a series of measures on two main axes: a new plan to combat violence against children for the period 2023 -2027 and measures on “the State response for protected and vulnerable children.”

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The new plan against violence, which succeeds the 2020-2022 plan, includes twenty measures. Ofmin, created during a previous CIE and launched in September, will see its staff increase from 37 to 85 researchers in two years, beyond the initial objective. Élisabeth Borne also announced new positions in children’s voice collection systems, such as number 119, and for the Signal Sport unit, which acts against violence in this sector.

He also announced the appointment of ten “departmental child protection delegates” under the direction of the prefects. A device that is “destined to be widespread.”

Pediatric reception unit and “interministerial training plan”

The anti-violence plan provides for the creation of a pediatric reception unit under judicial jurisdiction, an “inter-ministerial training plan” and an annual communication campaign. In 2024, it will focus on violence against children in sport.

Second topic addressed on Monday: State action in favor of “protected and vulnerable children.” In her introduction, Élisabeth Borne insisted on the “Protected School” system supported by Minister Gabriel Attal, “a true roadmap between school and child protection agents” that includes, in particular, the appointment of referents and the systematization of educational interviews at 15 and 17 years of age for affected children.

The President of the Government also announced a “financial boost” of 1,500 euros for young people who leave the ASE, which will be received automatically upon reaching the age of majority, within the framework of a “young autonomy package” that will include tutoring actions and a majority ceremony organized in the departments. .

“Communication plan” or “measurements” for associations

If the L’Enfant Bleu association, visited on Monday morning by Élisabeth Borne in Issy-les-Moulineaux, welcomed the measures, others are less enthusiastic.

The president of the La Voix de l’Enfant association, Martine Brousse, spoke of “a form of disappointment” at this plan. “Instead of having a global vision of the suffering child, we have advertisements for things already done, there is almost nothing new,” she judged.

“Children need an emergency plan, not a communication plan,” the Children’s Collective also criticized.

Lyes Louffok, a former foster child and former member of the National Council for Child Protection, described it as a “bunch of measures without real funding.”

Elisabeth Borne also “welcomed” on Monday the work of Ciivise, the commission in particular in charge of the fight against incest, which presented its report on Friday that includes 82 recommendations. In an interview with JDD, Charlotte Caubel assured that the Commission should continue to exist with “a new roadmap”, while the associations fear for the sustainability of this organization and the maintenance of Judge Édouard Durand at the head. On Monday, Ciivise organized an event at the Maison de la Radio, in the presence of several personalities.

Author: Hugues Garnier with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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