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Medicine shortage: green light from the National Assembly to establish minimum stocks by law

The deputies voted unanimously this Thursday, February 29, in favor of a socialist bill that should fight against the shortage of medicines, the number of which “has multiplied tenfold in ten years,” according to Valérie Rabault.

The National Assembly unanimously adopted this Thursday, February 29, a socialist text against the shortage of medicines, aimed at “reinforcing the obligations” imposed on manufacturers to accumulate stocks, including minimum limits in the law and increasing the costs of sanctions.

“Not being able to access the medications we need constitutes indescribable anguish (…) for parents, for patients,” defended PS deputy Valérie Rabault, author of the text, which must now be passed to the Senate.

“The number of missing medicines has multiplied tenfold in ten years,” insisted the deputy, stating that she was “aware that the center of the problem continues to be production” and called for “a medium and long-term industrial strategy.”

Between a minimum week and maximum four months

The version of its text adopted this Thursday, modified in particular by the general rapporteur of the Social Security budget, Stéphanie Rist (Renaissance), plans to include in the law minimum stocks that are currently only provided for by decree. They would be between a minimum week and a maximum of four months for medications in general.

Another range is maintained for “medicines of great therapeutic interest” (MITM), that is, those whose interruption of treatment may jeopardize the vital prognosis of patients in the short or medium term, or represents a loss of significant opportunities for patients. patients.

In this case, inventory floors and ceilings would be increased to a minimum of two months and a maximum of four months.

In certain cases established by decree, the director of the medicines agency (ANSM) could impose minor reservations. But it would also have the possibility, following the adoption of an amendment by Valérie Rabault, to impose stocks of up to six months for MITMs for which a shortage of stocks or a risk of shortages is indicated or declared.

“Increasing stocks of medicines or even making them mandatory are not the alpha and omega of managing shortages,” warned the Minister of Health, Frédéric Valletoux, stressing that beyond the need to relocate part of the production in Europe, It was necessary to act on the inequalities in the distribution of stocks on French territory and on “the visibility of said stocks.”

The bill also provides for conferring on-site and on-site inspection powers on the ANSM, but also increasing the penalties provided for by law, which could reach up to 50% of the turnover of the last financial year. medication in question, with a maximum limit raised to 5 million euros (compared to the current 30% and 1 million euros).


Author: AG with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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