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Sandrine Rousseau asks Adrien Quatennens to “stay away from speaking in public”

The environmentalist deputy says she is waiting for “sanctions” from La France insoumise towards Adrien Quatennens, who admitted having slapped his wife, from whom he is in the process of divorcing.

She invites Adrien Quatennens to go further. The deputy of the EELV Sandrine Rousseau calls this Sunday to the number 2 of La France insoumise to be “withdrawn from all public discourse”, and not only from her role as party coordinator, after notably acknowledging a “slap” towards his wife.

“He must withdraw from all public speech, including withdrawing from the LFI group in the Assembly,” Sandrine Rousseau declared on Radio J.

“It is not possible to represent men and women (…) when one has been guilty of such acts,” he insisted, judging that it was “indispensable” that Adrien Quatennens “leave the coordination of the party”, as he himself announced on Sunday. Morning.

Rousseau calls for LFI sanctions

In a long press release published this Sunday, the deputy from the North detailed the sometimes violent “disputes” with his wife, also acknowledging having “slapped” her, “in a context of extreme tension and mutual aggressiveness.” the chained duck For his part, he had revealed on Tuesday that a railing had been presented by his wife.

“It’s not that common for people to recognize violence. So he did it,” Sandrine Rousseau said.

However, the green deputy also said that she was waiting for “sanctions” from La France insoumise towards Adrien Quatennens. “Now a decision must be made by the political party,” insisted the elected deputy and feminist activist. Could he still succeed Jean-Luc Mélenchon in this context? “I think he’s engaged,” she also replied.

For the foreseeable future, Adrien Quatennens still benefits from the “trust” and “affection” of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The rebellious former presidential candidate “praised his dignity and courage” on his Twitter account, denouncing “police malice” and “media voyeurism” in this case.

Author: MD with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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