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The National Rally joins the National Assembly football team

The French National Assembly soccer team will play its first match on September 28. Made up of MPs from all sides, it now includes RN elected officials.

Rivals at the Bourbon Palace but partners on the green square. France’s National Assembly soccer team will start its season on September 28, we learned on the parisian. With a novelty: the integration of the deputies of the National Rally in the template. Among them we find Philippe Ballard, Julien Odoul, Alexandre Sabatou or even Emmanuel Blairy.

They will touch leather with parliamentarians of different political colors: Éric Coquerel, Antoine Léaument and Ugo Bernalicis for France insoumise (LFI); Mathieu Lefèvre and Marc Ferracci on the Renaissance side; Beatrice Bellamy from Horizons; Erwan Balanant for the modem…

Robert Pirès and Christian Karembeu will be on the pitch

Three captains have been appointed: Pierre-Henri Dumont of the Les Républicains (LR) party, Karl Olive of Renaissance – formerly director of the Canal + sports department – and socialist Marietta Karamanli. The team will be mixed, five parliamentarians have registered. All under the direction of coach Luis Fernández, a former French international who worked notably at PSG.

The meeting will be for the benefit of the “e-Enfance” association that fights against cyberbullying. The match will take place at the Emile Anthoine stadium, not far from the Eiffel Tower. For parliamentarians, the task will be difficult. Opposite, the selection of the National Union of Professional Soccer Players (UNFP) will be made up of former soccer stars.

Among them, Robert Pirès, Christian Karembeu, Benoît Cheyrou or even Sidney Govou. “Knowing these types of players, and having 25 goals, makes you humble and solidifies,” says Éric Coquerel in the parisian.

Author: baptiste farge
Source: BFM TV

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