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Energy shortage: Orange reveals measures to avoid cuts in its network

During consumption peaks, the company will erase part of its consumption from time to time, invisibly to network users.

To combat the energy shortage announced this winter, the Orange company announced, on October 3, several measures to limit its energy consumption without affecting the customers of its services.

A fixed temperature of 19 degrees in offices and the temporary closure of work spaces are also announced. Orange has committed since the beginning of September to turn off the windows of its stores “maximum 30 minutes after closing”.

Customers will not be affected.

All these measures were taken with a view to “not degrading the service to users”, specifies the general director of Orange, Christel Heydemann, in the press release.

In addition, during consumption peaks, SMS will be sent to customers to suggest, for example, that they turn off their box when they do not need it, put their devices in hibernation or even use Wi-Fi at home, in order to limit the traffic in repeater antennas.

Author: victoria beurnez
Source: BFM TV

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