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“I made the players jump”: Macron’s plea for video games, “an integral part of France”

The President of the Republic returned, in a long message on social networks, to his statements from last June, in which he linked the violence of certain video games with the riots observed after the death of Nahel, a young man murdered by the police. . shooting.

Emmanuel Macron wants to win back the hearts of gamers, after having “made them jump” a few months earlier. The President of the Republic published this Saturday on his X account (former Twitter) a long appeal in favor of video games, “an opportunity for France, for our youth and its future, for our jobs and our economy.”

The Head of State presents this publication as a way to be “(more) clear” on the issue, after highly criticized statements in June, on the sidelines of the riots that broke out after the death of Nahel, murdered by the police. shooting. “We have the feeling that some people live on the streets with video games that have intoxicated them,” Emmanuel Macron proclaimed then.

A small phrase that caused a wave of emotion and reactions among players, but also in the video game industry. All the more controversial as studies tend to demonstrate that there is no causal link between playing violent games and make it a reality.

“A culture, an entertainment, a show”

“It is this violence that I condemn, not video games,” he says. “Video games are a culture, an entertainment, a spectacle! They are a terrain for artistic experimentation, a fascinating learning space, which mixes all the arts.”

The President of the Republic welcomes the great gaming competitions that “bring together a vibrant youth in our largest halls”, such as the KCX3 this Saturday night in La Défense, events such as the GP Explorer that demonstrates that the passion of the players “it does not have limits”. or even Assassin’s Creed AND dofus, “creations of French talent” of which “we are proud.”

In conclusion, Emmanuel Macron cites in particular his promise to “significantly strengthen fifteen public and private schools” within the framework of the France 2030 plan. “I promised a new era: it is opening,” assures the President of the Republic. that he claims to be “fully mobilized to continue supporting the organization of major events in France, to act to support the sector and help it develop.” Will the message be enough to convince?

Author: Doctor with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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