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“We are still in the race”: with its smartphones, Motorola wants to win back the French

By presenting in quick succession a wrist-worn smartphone and another with a roll-up screen, Motorola hopes to relaunch itself in the hearts of European and French consumers.

With a market share of 2% in Europe, we cannot say that Motorola is a giant in the world of telephony in the Old Continent. The brand, essential in the 90s and until the early 2000s, has been trying to get back to the fore for several years.

A long-term work that involves the presentation of several surprising concepts. At the last Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, ​​​​the brand had in stock a smartphone whose peculiarity is to surround the wrist, like a bracelet.

“We are in tune with the times”

“This concept shows that Motorola is at the forefront of technology and that we innovate, that we are booming in terms of research and development,” confesses Camille Castinel, director of marketing and communication for France and Benelux at Motorola Mobility.

If it is not about launching this model, it mainly serves to demonstrate Motorola’s ability to innovate in a sector that is already particularly blocked by big names in the sector such as Samsung and Apple.

“Although we do not intend to launch this concept, the goal is to demonstrate that Motorola has the technology, is capable of producing it and potentially industrializing it, as we did with the Razr 40 Ultra.

The fact that Motorola is certainly only a small player in Europe does not prevent it from finding a comfortable place in the United States or Latin America, where it occupies third and second place respectively. With the acquisition by Lenovo in 2014, the brand progressively gained market share in different European countries, going from 0.5% to 2% in France between 2015 and 2022, and up to 6% in the area. of the Benelux.

democratize technology and its uses

Although the goal announced three years ago of reaching a 10% market share in Europe has not yet been achieved, Motorola is confident and believes that its uniqueness can make a difference for an audience seeking power and innovation.

“We are strong on the other side of the Atlantic and now our ambition is to return to the European market. We returned to Western Europe three years ago. We started from afar, but according to Canalys figures, we are the fifth player in terms of growth, in a very competitive, very complicated and also demanding market,” adds Camille Castinel.

Instead of facing the very high range, as Xiaomi and Honor want to do with increasingly expensive smartphones, Motorola remains at a good distance. The manufacturer wants to offer innovations without increasing prices:

As for whether Motorola will be one of the manufacturers that will launch the “5G at $100” promised by Qualcomm, to which we owe the Snapdragon processors, the brand does not want to expand at this time.

“We are working with Qualcomm on the chip part, obviously, the democratization of 5G, we started it last year, now we offer 5G products that will start at 180 euros, which is already a very aggressive price,” he congratulates himself.

Author: Sylvain Trinel
Source: BFM TV

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