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3 very practical high-tech products that Amazon offers at reduced prices

Nowadays, high-tech products flood our daily lives without us realizing it. Certain accessories also greatly simplify our lives for almost nothing.

In fact, smartphones and our touch screen tablets are becoming more powerful and functional. Its use is versatile and allows you to do an impressive number of things that were impossible to imagine not long ago. In addition to all this, we can encounter annoying problems that, however, can be solved very easily for a ridiculous price.

Do you have access to ultra-fast Internet thanks to fiber but can’t enjoy it throughout the house due to lack of Wi-Fi transmission? It’s infuriating. The same thing happens with your cell phone or wireless headphones, for example, which run out of battery just when you need them most. These examples are, in fact, false problems.

Jiga GN1: the versatile and particularly smart external battery

Running out of battery is especially annoying and we have all experienced this incident at some point. To avoid this mishap, you can purchase the Jiga GN1 external battery, offered by Amazon at 30.55 euros instead of the usual 54.89 euros, for a limited time.

Whether you are at home or in the countryside, you have a capacity of 27,000 mAh to recharge any device, regardless of the brand. The Jiga GN1 battery will restore all its vigor to your smartphone, your touchscreen tablet, but also your wireless headphones, to name a few.

The Jiga GN1 external battery is equipped with 2 USB A outputs accompanied by a micro USB and USB C interface, enough to meet all needs. In addition, the manufacturer had the excellent idea of ​​placing a small flashlight in its battery, which can be used anywhere.

Iniu USB-C cable: does not break or heat up, even at high power

The Jiga GN1 external battery is therefore perfect to enjoy a source of energy absolutely anywhere. Then you just have to recharge your device that has fast charging. However, if the smartphone and the battery are capable of this fast charging, the USB cable used will most likely slow down and become hot.

Once again, the problem is easily solved thanks to the Iniu USB C cable, offered at the ridiculous price of 5.51 euros by the Amazon site, with a length of 2 meters. Rated 4.6 out of 5 by almost 28,000 people, this cable has the capacity to manage an electrical flow that reaches a colossal value of 100 watts.

You will then take full advantage of your devices’ ability to use fast charging without overheating. The wait is thus reduced to a minimum. Manufactured according to the rules of the art, the Iniu cable is covered with a fabric sheath that makes it impossible to break.

TP-Link RE330: Enjoy Wi-Fi throughout the house

There is also another fairly common mishap. If you have a very high-speed Internet package but are having difficulty enjoying it throughout the house due to a poorly distributed Wi-Fi network, again the solution exists at a ridiculous price.

To do this, just go to the Amazon website and purchase the TP-Link RE330 repeater at the price of 29.99 euros instead of the usual 39 euros, and the problem will be solved. The TP-Link RE330 repeater plugs into a power outlet some distance from your box.

The function of the TP-Link RE330 repeater is to recover a weak Wi-Fi signal, amplify it and then redirect it to the place in the house that is in what is called a shadow zone. Therefore, you will be able to connect to the Internet from absolutely anywhere.

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