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‘Democracy is at stake’: Biden defends his decision to run again in the face of criticism over his age

The US president’s campaign, which consists of praising his good economic results and his ambitious industrial recovery plans, has so far failed to relegate these concerns about the Democrat’s age and energy level to the background.

Joe Biden assured this Monday that he was aware of the questions about his age, but explained that he is running to defend American democracy that Donald Trump, according to him, wants to “destroy.”

“A lot of people seem to focus on my age,” the 80-year-old US president said.

“I understand it, believe me, I know it better than anyone,” he added during a fundraising event in New York, organized with Broadway artists.

Concern in the Democratic camp

“I’m running because democracy is at stake. Because in 2024 we will vote again on the future of democracy. Let me be clear: Donald Trump and his Republican supporters are determined to destroy American democracy,” accused Joe Biden, who could well, In November 2024, he will have to face the former Republican president again.

The polls follow one another and are similar for Joe Biden, whom a large majority of voters consider too old to run.

A few days ago, an influential Democratic columnist, David Ignatius, echoed these concerns in a column for the Washington Post, which caused a stir in the American capital. Although he expresses his “admiration” for the Democratic president, the editorial writer believes that representing Joe Biden “risks undoing his greatest achievement, which was having managed to stop Trump.”

However, the age issue is not much easier for the former Republican president. And Donald Trump, 77, assured during an interview broadcast on NBC on Sunday that Joe Biden’s problem was not his 80 years, but “his incompetence.”

Current polls show that while the age gap between the two men is small, Americans are more concerned about Joe Biden.

Author: AG with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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