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Biden accuses Russia of being “solely responsible” for the war in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden accused Russia on Tuesday of being “solely responsible” for the invasion of Ukraine and maintained that no nation can be safe if “Ukraine is allowed to divide.”

“Russia believes that the world will get tired and allow Ukraine to be brutalized without consequences. But I ask you this: if we abandon the fundamental principles of the UN Charter to appease an aggressor, can any member state feel confident about what “Is it protected? If we allow Ukraine to divide, will any nation be safe?” Biden asked in his speech to the UN General Assembly.

The American leader criticized Russia’s “crude aggression” and called on world leaders to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty to “deter other potential aggressors tomorrow.”

But references to the Russian invasion of Ukraine took up just a few minutes of Biden’s half-hour speech, which preferred to address a wide range of topics related to the climate, digital and social challenges facing the world.

The climate crisis is “an existential threat (…) for all humanity,” Biden warned, referring to the heat waves, fires, floods and droughts that have hit various parts of the planet in recent months.

Biden also promised to work with other countries, including rivals, to ensure that Artificial Intelligence is a tool in the service of humanity and not a risk to humanity.

The North American president said that all these challenges are a global problem, which must be faced with common projects

“Our future is linked to your future,” Biden defended, looking at the senior officials present at the UN General Assembly and calling for greater cooperation between member states, even with those that are rivals.

Regarding China, Biden said the United States is committed to ensuring that competition does not turn into conflict.

“On China, let me be clear. We will do everything possible to ensure that competition does not degenerate into conflict,” the American leader promised, highlighting common efforts between the US and China in the climate area.

Biden also said his administration remains committed to nuclear weapons control, criticizing Russia and Iran for not respecting international agreements on the matter.

Biden recognized that common efforts in various areas have been insufficient to resolve various conflicts in various parts of the planet.

For this reason, the US president asked the United Nations Security Council to authorize the sending of an international force to Haiti to help security forces fight against the gangs that threaten the political stability of that country.

“The people of Haiti cannot wait much longer,” said Biden, who said he had asked the World Bank for more funds to help developing countries, particularly in Africa.

Biden admitted that much of this aid needs reformed organizations with more effective intervention, in a 21st century multilateral world.

Thus, the North American leader recognized that it is necessary to initiate “serious consultations” to expand the United Nations Security Council, made up of just 15 members, of which only five (including the US) have veto power.

“We need more voices, more perspectives at the negotiating table,” Biden said, calling on the UN to continue fighting to ensure peace and alleviate human suffering.

The president of the United States also pledged to continue the fight against corruption and the defense of democracy, which he recognized is threatened in various parts of the world, and announced that his Government is working with the G7 to raise around 600 billion of euros for various development projects aimed at the most vulnerable population in the world.

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