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The United States announces new military aid of 91 million euros to kyiv

The United States announced this Monday a new military aid to Ukraine of 100 million dollars (91.6 million euros), which includes anti-aircraft defense means, the same day that the Secretary of Defense is in Kiev.

The new package includes Himars systems, artillery ammunition and anti-tank weapons, as well as small-caliber ammunition, according to statements from the Pentagon and the State Department.

This new aid comes from funds already approved by the US Congress, and in anticipation of the vote on a new donation directed to Ukraine that was requested by President Joe Biden, but remains suspended due to opposition from Republican elected officials.

“It is crucial that Congress adopt measures to support Ukraine by approving a supplemental budget package,” insisted the head of US diplomacy, Antony Blinken, quoted in the statement.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed the announcement of new support from Washington, the main military ally in the resistance to the Russian invasion.

“I thank all partners who help us ensure the true restoration of international law on our land and sea, and I especially thank the United States for its continued leadership in support,” Zelensky said in a message posted on social media.

This Monday, in kyiv, the US Secretary of Defense assured the Ukrainian president of Washington’s “long and constant” support in the face of the Russian invasion.

The United States has emerged as the largest donor of military aid to Ukraine, totaling at least $44 billion since the start of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops.

The Russian military offensive on Ukrainian territory, launched on February 24 of last year, plunged Europe into what is considered the most serious security crisis since the Second World War (1939-1945).

Ukraine’s Western allies have supplied weapons to kyiv and passed successive sanctions packages against Russian interests to try to diminish Moscow’s ability to finance the war effort.

Source: TSF

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