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Israeli president calls for immediate end to judicial reform

The President of Israel asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday to “act responsibly and courageously” and end “immediately” the legislative process of the controversial judicial reform that divides the country.

“Because of the unity of the people of Israel, because of the necessary responsibility, but put an end to the legislative process immediately,” said Isaac Herzog, in a statement, when the country registers the largest demonstrations ever and finds itself at the beira of a general strike.

“The entire nation is deeply concerned. Our security, economy, society, they are all under threat,” Herzog warned. “Wake up now!”

Netanyahu dismissed the Defense Minister last night, after Yoav Gallant publicly called for an end to judicial reform, in the first critical voice of the Government.

The Prime Minister’s decision brought more than 600,000 people to the streets in massive and impromptu protests in several Israeli cities.

Universities across the country have closed “until further notice” in protest and unions are expected to call a general strike.

The judicial reform triggered one of Israel’s most serious internal crises, uniting business leaders, judicial officials and even the country’s military in widespread opposition.

An apparent calm has returned to the streets of the country after a night of protests, in which thousands of protesters set fire to the main highway in Tel Aviv, blocking the passage, as well as others throughout the country.

The centerpiece of the review is a law that will give the ruling coalition the final say on all judicial appointments. Other laws may give parliament the ability to overturn Supreme Court decisions and limit judicial review of laws.

Netanyahu and his allies said the plan would restore the balance between the judicial and executive branches and rein in what they see as an interventionist court with liberal sympathies.

But critics warned that the laws would remove Israel’s system of checks and balances and concentrate power in the hands of the ruling coalition, adding that Netanyahu, who is to be tried on corruption charges, had a conflict of interest.

Source: TSF

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