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LE PLEIN BFM – Fuel prices: the map of the cheapest service stations near you

Where to find the cheapest gasoline near you? Diesel, unleaded 95, unleaded 98… With fuel prices rising, BFMTV helps you find service stations that charge lower prices.


How high will pump prices go? Amid rising oil prices, French motorists have had to face since this summer an increase in the number of service stations, where prices sometimes exceed 2 euros per liter of fuel.

Last week, on average, SP95-E10 was sold at 1.9397 euros per liter (+0.4 cents compared to the previous week), diesel at 1.9294 euros (+4.8 cents) and SP -98 to 2.0068 euros (+0.2 cents).

The 3 cheapest stations in each department

In this context, where can you find the cheapest gasoline? To help you save money, BFMTV supports you with “Le plein BFM”. This new tool allows you to view at a glance the most affordable service stations in your area, based on the prices transmitted by the distributors themselves to the Ministry of Economy.

Click on the fuel of your choice (diesel, unleaded 95-E10 or unleaded 98) on the map below: it lists the 3 cheapest stations in each department of mainland France among the brands that updated their prices less than four days ago. You can also use the search engine below by typing the name of your department.

Gasoline prices near you

Are none of these stations near your house? You can compare all prices using the search engine below. Enter the name of your municipality to check the prices charged by brands located near you. Please note: some of the statements are old, we specify each time the date on which it was made.

This increase in fuel prices has led in particular TotalEnergies, which operates a third of French service stations, to promise to continue limiting the price of its fuels to 1.99 euros per liter beyond the end of 2023. Other major Retail brands have announced sales operations at cost price, which generally lowers prices by one to two cents.

Can authorizing the sale of fuel at a loss reduce motorists’ bills?


The government wants to allow these distributors to go even further: Elisabeth Borne has announced her desire to authorize them “exceptionally” and for “a period of a few months” to sell fuel at a loss and, therefore, to offer, if they wish, discounts. deeper. The Prime Minister, however, ruled out the idea of ​​a reduction in taxes, which represent a significant part of the price motorists pay.

Author: Theophile Magoria
Source: BFM TV

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