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Fuel prices: gasoline and diesel move in opposite directions

Diesel prices fell slightly last week, by 0.7 cents, while gasoline prices rose by 0.2 cents.

Diesel continues its momentum. According to the latest weekly statement from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the price of the most consumed fuel in France fell again last week, reaching an average of 1.8011 euros per liter, a very slight drop of 0.7 cents. This is the fourth consecutive week of diesel decline.

On the contrary, SP95-E10 registered a slight increase (+0.2 cents/liter) to reach 1.8189 euros per liter, after a drop of 2.2 cents the previous week.

However, both gasoline and diesel generally follow a downward trend if we look at the evolution of prices since September, in line with the fall in the price of oil, with a barrel of Brent trading last week at 82, $4 (-$1.9).

Fuel prices remain high

“Overall, what we have seen at the pumps in recent weeks is a fairly significant drop in gasoline and diesel prices. We have returned to levels relatively close to what we knew a few months ago with a drop of 5 to 10 cents.” which is still appreciable for consumers,” explains energy specialist Jean-Pierre Favennec.

Appreciable, without a doubt. Enough for motorists? Probably not. In fact, by remaining above 1.80 euros per liter, prices at the pump remain above their lowest levels of the year observed in May and June (1.6655 euros for diesel, 1.7895 for SP95). E10.

Not to mention that the situation remains tense regarding oil, while Saudi Arabia and Russia have repeatedly announced a reduction in their production, which could drive up futures prices.

Author: pablo luis
Source: BFM TV

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