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Haomy: responsible decoration textiles

According to a study by Allied Market Research, the interior decoration market represents 13.2 billion dollars. However, at a time when ecological issues are changing their use, especially in interior textiles, some players do not hesitate to get involved. Haomy is one of them and focuses on both design and ecological responsibility.

Returning to the textile its letters of nobility

For Lionel Dubos, president of Haomy, it was important to sublimate home linens, through design and materials: “ we realized that household linen had only one use, that of being useful. In our opinion, a tea towel or a sheet should be both useful and beautiful! ”. To do this, all the brand’s ranges have been redesigned and the use of linen has been privileged.

Natural and ecological fiber, linen is known for its versatile and resistant properties, but it also allows to sublimate the colors and the finish of the products. After use, Haomy wishes to bring these linized products back to the forefront and travel directly to the American continent to present them. Home linen suddenly becomes a mainstay of interior decoration.

Commit to the environment

With the use of linen, the brand advances on the ecological chessboard. “ The absence of harmful products in the manufacturing process characterizes our new ranges, these are sweets made in environmentally friendly facilities with socially responsible service providers. ”, indicates the leader.

In addition, the company has selected new suppliers focused on energy savings and sensitive to water recycling. Haomy now targets 80% of products labeled as Made in Green and Oeko-tex standard 100.” In addition, all the companies we work with have important CSR standards where even leftover sewing thread is recycled. ! ”, concludes Lionel Dubos.

Mainly produced in Europe, this natural plant fiber represents only 0.4% of the world’s textile fiber supply. Ahead of him are polyester and cotton. With a budget of 542 euros per year and per French dedicated to decoration, the trend can only weave its web.

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