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Switzerland refuses to ban the import of foie gras

Parliament rejected the ban on importing foie gras, considering that shopping tourism in France could be detrimental to Swiss companies.

The Swiss Parliament refuses to ban the import of foie gras, but importers will have to show production methods.

Swiss deputies, for their part, turned their backs on this proposal on Thursday, believing, like senators, that a ban could lead to shopping tourism to France to the detriment of Swiss companies.

Force feeding is prohibited in Switzerland, but not the import of products resulting from this practice. The government also opposed an import ban.

On April 5, the government announced that it preferred to apply a less restrictive measure: the mandatory declaration of the production methods of certain foods of animal origin, such as foie gras but also frog legs.

But a foie gras import ban could be back on the table because animal rights activists are collecting signatures to launch a popular vote on the issue.

They have until December 28 to collect the necessary 100,000 signatures. If they succeed, the Swiss will take several more months, even years, to vote at the polls.

Author: Frédéric Bianchi with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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