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Selling with fuel loss: distributors do not buy

The distribution brands have been silent since the Prime Minister’s announcement to authorize the sale with fuel loss from December 1, but they do not think less of it and should speak officially this Wednesday morning.

It is a silence full of meaning. After the meeting this Tuesday morning at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Bercy believes that this green light given to distributors to resell gasoline at a loss for six months, starting in December, is an “additional option, open to those can, to participate in lowering prices”, but none of these distributors have officially spoken out yet.

Some, behind the scenes, let their anger or astonishment explode at a project described as “absurd”… “What is the best response than not communicating?”, summarizes one of its actors, who confirms that this silence is, in itself, an act of communication.

According to our information, it should be broken tomorrow morning, in the National Assembly, where the directors of Carrefour, System U, Intermarché and Leclerc will meet from 9:30 a.m. for a preparatory round table for the examination of the bill on trade negotiations.

“A business is not made to lose money”

In other words: “there is no distributor that starts a sustainable operation below market prices,” predicts this source, who reminds that “a few cents less means million-dollar losses” and that “a business is not made to lose money.” .

And even if one of the players in the sector decides to launch into resale at a loss, “the others will not do it because they cannot afford it,” continues this source, who specifies that they will not. However, today there is no doubt. that brands get into controversy, nor “the political game.”

Author: Paulina Tattevin
Source: BFM TV

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