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3860 euros per month: can you consider yourself rich on this salary in France?

3860 euros net of taxes. This is the monthly amount with which the Observatory of Inequalities considers a single Frenchman rich. A threshold questioned by BFM Business readers and listeners.

A little less than three minimum monthly salaries is the wealth threshold calculated by the Observatory of Inequalities. According to this study, 7% of French people can be considered rich. This is the case of a single person who receives a net income, after taxes.

Regarding RMC, the director of the organization, Anne Brunner, explains that this sum of 3,860 euros is “double the average salary, which divides French employees into two parts”, meaning that half of French employees receive a lower salary. income. “We define wealth as a gap in relation to the middle classes,” she adds.

However, the feeling of the French is quite different. BFM Business asked the question on their social networks. More than 8,300 people responded and, for a large majority, the wealth threshold is much higher. It is above 5,000 euros net per month for 82% of those surveyed, compared to only 5% “between 3,000 and 3,500 euros.” However, the range of “3,500-5,000 euros”, in which the sum set by the Observatory of Inequalities falls, only has the support of 13% of voters.

Everyone has their own threshold of ideal wealth

One of the participants comments on Linkedin: “Rich depends on each person’s perception, but 3500-5000, in my opinion, you are in a well-off position.” Unlike David, for whomAt least one 0 is missing (in the propositions) to consider that one is rich!”

A reaction that bothers another reader of our site, Arnaud. This laboratory expert wonders if “Linkedin is (…) an elitist network? It would seem so from the answers because there are not many who have had to learn to live on a minimum wage to think that we are rich only for more.” of 5,000 euros net”.

Furthermore, if the results are identical on X and Linkedin, they appear somewhat different on Instagram, where a younger population responds to the BFM Business “question of the day.” The item “more than 5,000 euros net per month” obtained 59% of the votes. A majority, certainly, but well below the 82% observed on other social networks.

A generational relationship with money?

Should we see a generational difference in our relationship with money? Yes, according to Camy Puech, general director of Qualisocial.

According to him, there are two types of link with wealth: “Yesterday’s is consumption with the house, the second car, the second house…” – a movement that “is losing shape”, according to the “health” expert labor” of the Avec vous program. “For the benefit (of the questions), how can we evolve in a balanced world? How does our spending influence global development?” he asked.

It should be noted that one in seven respondents settles for a maximum of 3,500 euros net to consider themselves rich in the Meta social network.

Other readers are more philosophical. Ilham asks us: “What is this question? Salary does not count. Wealth is being with family and being healthy.” A vision that is far from convincing the majority of workers. For Aurélie, a consultant: “Wealth means no longer worrying about expenses. It means spending without counting.” Sébastien, who works in the insurance sector, even specifies in a comment: Being able to live off your capital is true wealth…”

Capital income… and real estate assets

Because many listeners to the Avec vous program separate income from work from income from capital: “4,200 net euros per month and in the real estate sector, 1.5 million!” writes one listener. A pious dream for many French people. Half of French households have assets of less than 180,000 euros according to INSEE.

More specifically, the Inequality Observatory sets the wealth threshold of a French person at 5,018 euros for a single person with one child. For a couple without children, 5790 euros. For a household with one child, the wealth threshold is close to 7,000 euros net after taxes: 6,948 euros per month.

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Author: Sofiane Aklouf
Source: BFM TV

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