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A question of “authority of the president”: Jean-Claude Mailly accuses the method of the president

The former Secretary General of Force Ouvrière attacks the government’s pension reform project.

The president wants to carry out the reform so as not to lose authority”. This is the theory of the former Secretary General of Force Ouvrière, Jean-Claude Mailly. I have a critical view [sur cette réforme] mainly for two reasons”, he explains in France 2.

A political criticism: this reform, “the president absolutely wants to do it” (…) the longer he waits, the more he will lose authority”, bets the number 1 of the union between 2004 and 2018. “For him it is now or never”.

His other caveat is of a financial nature: “the president of the COR is less catastrophic than the government”, regarding the analysis of the pension deficit.

The ex-unionist bets that the union front will “resist” and strikes will multiply in the country.

Author: bfm tv
Source: BFM TV

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