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Lower taxes, end of “regulatory delusion”… The proposals of Patrick Martin, candidate for the presidency of Medef

On the BFM Business mic, Medef presidential candidate Patrick Martin denounced over-regulation, tackled the state’s way of life and championed multi-billion-dollar tax cuts for businesses. Furthermore, he claimed that he would get closer to his opponent if he became the boss of bosses.

Medef will change heads at the beginning of July and there are only two candidates left: Dominique Carlac’h and Patrick Martin. The first, current spokesperson for Medef, presents herself as the candidate of modernity while Patrick Martin, the employers’ number 2, once again defended growth before detailing some of his proposals at the BFM Business microphone on Tuesday night. evening.

On the menu: tens of billions in lower taxes, redoubling our training efforts, and ending overregulation.

“We let ourselves be overwhelmed by a kind of regulatory delusion”

“I am in favor of freedom,” said the candidate who, in effect, wants to free companies from a regulatory straitjacket that he considers harmful. “We let ourselves be overwhelmed by a kind of regulatory delusion,” he denounces.

He also addresses the way of life of the State and the health system, which he describes as an “elephant in the middle of the room” that nobody treats and whose efficiency, however, must be reviewed, thus allowing enormous savings.

A tax cut of 20,000 million

Another of the emblematic measures of his program: a massive reduction in corporate taxes. He recalls that, thanks to Medef, companies have already obtained 18,000 million in tax cuts before adding that this is not enough.

For this, a massive effort is necessary in education, training and inclusion, “this is the issue on which we must mobilize, which generates growth,” he says.

For those who are undecided, Patrick Martin will once again defend his program during a debate organized on the BFM Business antenna on June 26 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. He will face Dominique Carlac’h, who he will approach if he becomes the boss of bosses, he said.

“I am more reserved with his alliance, that is, with the people around him,” he added. Dominique Carlac’h “could be my number 2” but he doesn’t want to work with those around him with whom he disagrees.

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