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How Chicago Fire can help Violet overcome the aftermath of an unexpected tragedy

Spoilers ahead for episode 3 of Chicago fire Season 11, titled “Completely Shattered”.

Chicago fire managed to solve his big season 10 cliffhanger without killing anyone, but now tragedy has hit NBC’s longtime show heroes. “Completely Wrecked” turned out to be a pretty perfect name for the episode, as what seemed like a pretty standard fire emergency ended in shocking death by none other than Chief Hawkins. He was crushed by debris just when it looked like everything was going to be okay … and right in front of Violet.

honestly maybe Chicago fire Fans should have expected something to go terribly wrong when Violet and Hawkins’ relationship was going so well! Then again, the shows don’t usually kill a key character a few episodes per season, and I would expect such a tragic twist to happen in a premiere or finale, so who could have seen it coming? The two really liked each other and finally got the chance to have a real relationship without hiding, and usually paramedics are the only first responders who they are not in danger on fire scenes.

Hanako Greensmith, who not long ago explained why fans should support Violet and Hawkins’ relationship, absolutely stopped her performance when Violet realized she was under some debris that fell from the building after the fire broke out. it was already off. her, so she desperately tried CPR that everyone knew wouldn’t work just by looking at her. Boden had to push her away from her body.

After all, it was an extremely unexpected tragedy that broke Violet during the credits, so how can anyone help her after this loss? Well, when co-producers Andrea Newman and Derek Haas spoke to Gossipify earlier this fall, I asked them what Violet and Brett’s relationship might be like in the future, and Newman shared:

This collaboration is one of our favorite things about the show, to be honest, the friendship they have and the way they work together. Both will go through a lot of things this season, even in the first few episodes right from the start. They turn their backs. They couldn’t live without each other, I’ll say, especially in the first series of episodes. You will come to trust yourself during really scary and difficult things.

Brett was already having a hard time at the start of Season 11 due to the strains of his long-distance relationship with Casey, and later with heartbreak after they formalized their separation. He still managed to keep Violet’s relationship alive, and Violet made him some bread (certainly inedible) to apologize in case she wasn’t moved by her happiness. Hawkins’ death hits a lot harder than the two of them before, but it looks like Brett will be a rock for their partner.

Andrea Newman said the “first set of episodes” was going to be the time they really needed each other to get over this, and I’d say Violet loses the man she loves more than qualified of “really scary thing and complicated “. Violet has someone who supports her unconditionally, and that’s the best bright side that comes to mind in light of Hawkins’ death.

Learn about the aftermath of Hawkins’ death and how Violet is coping with her loss with new episodes of Chicago fire On Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC in the time slot of the first TV of 2022, between Chicago Mediterranean at 20 and Chicago police at 22:00 You can also stream new episodes of Stoplight the next day with a subscription to Peacock. Severide starred again in the role of the fire cop this week as he continued his affair with CPD and Kidd had his own bedroom, so there were a few more bright spots before this episode took its tragic turn.

Source: Cinemablend

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