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Vianney offers a collaboration with Ed Sheeran in the song “Call On Me”

About this title, born from a meeting between the two singers in 2021 on the set of the program. taratataEd Sheeran sings in French, a novelty in the British artist’s career.

It’s quite an unexpected duo. This Friday, Vianney shared his new theme Giving me a call in collaboration with an unprecedented guest: Ed Sheeran. Together, the two artists deliver an autumnal ballad in which the British pop star even tries to sing in French, a first in his career.

This title was recorded in the greatest secret in the basement of Ed Sheeran, in London. “I arrived with my computer, my sound card and my microphone. He was in charge of the guitars. And we recorded things, even Giving me a callVianney says in a press release.

Et d’ajouter: “Ed venait de perdre son meilleur ami, et j’avais commencé un texte dans lequel je m’imaginais endeuillé du mien. Nous avons parlé de ça, la puissance de certaines amitiés, sans lesquelles il nous serait douloureux d ‘move along.”

A first meeting in 2021

Giving me a call was actually born a year ago, when Vianney and Ed Sheeran first met in September 2021 on the set of the show. taratata. Together they perform a live version of the track. Perfect, taken from the album split by Ed Sheeran

Following this performance, the two artists became friends and discovered a lot in common: they were both born in February 1991, they are young parents, they are fans of the same artists (Damien Rice, Bon Iver) and they share a passion for football.

“All this put us in front of a kind of evidence: we were going to write together. He wanted to sing in French, I was not against English,” Vianney says in a press release.

Author: Carla Loridan
Source: BFM TV

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