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Bigflo and Oli present a freestyle live on television

Invited to the France 2 program “20:30 Le Dimanche”, the two rappers from Toulouse responded to a question from Laurent Delahousse by rapping an unpublished text live.

After the Rose Festival at the beginning of September and the Humanity Festival this weekend, rappers Bigflo and Oli also appeared this Sunday on the set of the France 2 program, “20h30 Le Dimanche”.

Invited along with Guillaume Canet and Charlotte Gainsbourg, the two Toulouse brothers were questioned by Laurent Delahousse about the place that rap occupies in their lives. A question that Bigflo and Oli answered in a live freestyle, reminiscent of Stromae’s appearance on the TF1 news program in January 2022.

“It is rap that chose me”

During his visit, Oli remembered for the first time his passion for rap and the evidence of wanting to make it his profession, as well as the concerns of generations about the evolution of society.

“Tell me how to promote my Zénith when Morocco suffers an earthquake, when families are fleeing hunger,” he raps a week after the earthquake that hit the country and left almost 3,000 dead.

“I make movies in my head like Guillaume. I admire my father like Charlotte,” he raps, winking at the other guests. And to the question “why rap?” Oli concludes: “Laurent, I didn’t actually choose rap. It’s rap that chose me.”

Bigflo, for his part, wanted to talk about his place as an artist in a country divided on current and social issues. The rapper thus addresses Nahel’s death through a rhyme: “Recently a little boy was murdered by a police officer and since then I see that it is a disaster in the city” or even the death of Socayna, collateral victim of a shooting in Marseille : “yesterday a stray bullet snatched a girl from her mother.”

He goes on to state how important it is for him as a rapper to express himself and take a position on these current issues: “I’m basically here to promote my concerts. So I could shut my mouth and take my money. But the first young rapper I was would be disappointed.” .

After canceling a concert planned in Carthage at the beginning of August to protest against the situation of migrants trapped between Tunisia and Libya, Bigflo and Oli are due to begin a tour of the zeniths of France starting October 6.

The two brothers will perform in Marseille on October 21, in Strasbourg on November 3, in Montreal (Canada) on November 24 and will pass through La Défense Arena in Paris on December 8 before playing at home, at the Toulouse stadium , June 8, 2024. .

Author: Carla Loridan
Source: BFM TV

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