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Marvel’s Tim Roth talks to us about The Incredible Hulk’s original ending and what it would mean for The Abomination

In June 2008, just a month later Man of Steel launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with which the second chapter of this superhero franchise was developed The Incredible Hulk. The Marvel movie saw Tim Roth’s Emil Blonsky inject a different variant of the Super Soldier Serum to fight Edward Norton’s Bruce Banner in his monstrous form, then receive a blood transfusion from Banner to become the Abomination. Eventually, the Hulk managed to beat Abomination, but while talking to Gossipify, Roth shared that more of his character’s fate would originally be shown at the end of. The Incredible Hulk.

The last time we saw Blonsky / Abomination The Incredible Hulk, he lay defeated on the ground, the army arriving to stop him. During his conversation with our Sean O’Connell on behalf of his retaliation as Blonsky She-Hulk: lawyer, Tim Roth revealed that the way the film’s original ending was framed, he would be thrown into a particular type of prison. As Roth recalled:

His idea was that I was in a … they locked my character in a safe, put him at the bottom of the ocean and left him there. And that’s how they thought if there was a second one, you’d find it in this one. And he would be angry. So it was, but he had waited. So, in a way, that’s what they did. [for She-Hulk]. They put him in high security isolation. They put him in a bubble. They let him cook.

Although Abomination was incarcerated in a cryogenic cell in The Vault during an episode of the first season of protection officers (whether this show counts as part of the MCU’s official canon is debatable) it had The Incredible HulkIf the original ending had come to life, we would see it bursting with rage at the bottom of the ocean. It is certainly an effective way to ensure that Abomination stays away from the public and makes them seethe with anger until we meet him again in The Incredible Hulk 2. When Sean O’Connell asked Tim Roth to explain the moment, the actor replied:

This is what I remember talking to Kevin. [Feige] on set, when we were shooting the original [Hulk]. They put it in a steel box, welded it and left it. This was the idea. And when he does, there is a price to pay. And I think he was also with Stan Lee. We discussed it with him.

Unfortunately, given the complications surrounding the Hulk film rights between Marvel Studios and Universal Pictures, The Incredible Hulk 2 never happened, and these days Bruce Banner, now played by Mark Ruffalo, is an ensemble musician Avengers film or a secondary character in projects made by other protagonists. However, as Tim Roth pointed out, we finally got to see Emil Blonsy in a maximum security prison thanks to She-Hulk: lawyeralthough it is a land-based facility operated by the Damage Control Department. Between that or an underwater box, Blonsky is lucky to have ended up in the first one.

After being absent from the MCU for over a decade, Abomination is back Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, with the character, now more like his comic book counterpart, battling Wong in Macau’s Fight Club. Tim Roth lent his voice to Abomination Shan Chi I wait, but She-Hulk: lawyer marks it by completely repeating the character of The Incredible Hulkand unlike Emil Blonsky in the comics, the MCU’s Blonsky can change shape. I will not share anything she-hulk spoilers here as well as saying that Blonsky has a different outlook on life than his attitude The Incredible Hulk.

new episodes of She-Hulk: lawyer releases Thursday to Disney + subscribers, who also have access to most other MCU movies. The Incredible Hulkhowever, it’s not one of them and you’ll need an HBO Max subscription to stream it.

Source: Cinemablend

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