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Lady Hussey wants to meet the activist she hit with her racist comments

Prince William’s godmother is trying to make amends and has offered to meet Ngozi Fulani in person to apologize.

Lady Susan Hussey, the Queen’s lady-in-waiting for more than 60 years, made headlines this week after making racist comments against activist Ngozi Fulani, head of an association that supports black servants who are victims of violence.

Prince William’s godmother, who stepped down, is now trying to make amends and has offered to meet personally with Ngozi Fulani, reports the daily mail. Buckingham also “contacted” him on his behalf to express his “deep” regret for these “unacceptable” comments.

According to the daily mail, Ngozi Fulani has yet to respond to many requests from Susan Hussey, but she has given several interviews to the British press. british prime minister Rishi Sunak He also denounced on Thursday night the statements of the near Elizabeth II.

“We have to tackle racism as soon as we see it,” he told Sky News, adding that the UK has made “incredible progress in tackling racism.” The politician hammered, without explicitly citing Buckingham Palace and its inhabitants, that this “fight never ended.”

“Where are you from in Africa?”

This new racist controversy began on Tuesday night. “Where are you from in Africa?”, “Where are you really from? Where do people like you come from?”: these questions were asked insistently Tuesday night at Ngozi Fulani by Susan Hussey at a party.

Ngozi Fulani’s tweet recounting the conversation was liked by almost 60,000 internet users. “She was trying to really make me question my British citizenship,” Ngozi Fulani told the BBC on Thursday. The fact “goes beyond a single person. It is about institutional racism,” she also estimated in the independent.

The case made headlines in all the British newspapers, which point out that this new racist incident in Buckingham comes at the worst time for a royal family trying to present a younger, more modern and inclusive image.

Author: Jerome Lachasse
Source: BFM TV

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