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Monty Python icon Eric Idle talks about joining the masked singer as a cancer survivor and performing for Queen and King Charles

the masked singer kicked off season 8 with a bang and had an evening marked by multiple eliminations and some big stars. Audiences saw The Knight revealed as William Shatner, and Monty Python’s Eric Idle ended up being The Hedgehog (see our updated list of revelations for season 8 here). After the unmasking, Eric Idle spoke to Gossipify about the choice the masked singer to reveal his pancreatic cancer survival and recalled his past performances for the late Queen Elizabeth and the new King Charles.

Eric Idle is no stranger to singing on a big stage, but there was something different to appear on the masked singer. The performance came after Idle successfully battled pancreatic cancer, which he publicly revealed for the first time after his elimination in the season 8 series premiere. First time in 2019 and underwent surgery to cure him, he explained why he decided to go public after Su appeared the hidden songA:

Well, you know you’re going to get interviewed and throw your thing, “I’ll sell a book” or whatever and I thought this was really a perfect opportunity for me to unmask myself as a survivor. pancreatic cancer and spreading good news to people because they are interested. It is encouraging to know that some people are surviving this now and we are doing really well. So I thought about doing it and starting a Nice fund to try to raise funds so I could invest them in research and early tests. So I partnered with Stand Up To Cancer, and that’s what I’m doing. This is an opportunity to do some good, lift people’s morale, spread the good news, and raise funds for research.

Now that he’s cancer-free, Eric Idle is doing his part to help raise money for cancer research and support early detection. I had a great platform to do this with the masked singerThe season 8 premiere, although it was a shame to see him leave the show so soon.

That said, perhaps it’s for the best that it was released quickly as speakers Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy were already wary of it from the very first screening. This may be due to the obvious clues in your video package, although the two are right oddly good at guessing also, as well.

In addition to the first snake, Eric Idle also played once for the late Queen Elizabeth II. Idle shared the story of the meeting and performance for the queen and her reaction to her antics:

It was for something called the Royal Variety Show, which is a charity they go to every year and I’ve seen that since I was a kid. I continued as a little Japanese waitress in a complete set for Madame Butterfly. So they thought it was going to be a cultural moment. So you can hear the whole audience go [slouches like sleeping] and there was a song and she was going to stab herself, but that little Japanese waitress, it was me and I knocked and said, “Wait! Some things in life are bad,” and the whole audience exploded. The queen laughed and was charming. When I met her, she was still smiling and laughing. She was happy with the joke. It was a fantastic experience.

How does the trend seem to be when creatives speak of queen elizabeth ii Lately, Eric Idle has had nothing but nice things to say about their meeting. It seems the late queen was a fan of the Monty Python comedy, or at least the inspired version of Idle. Her reaction remained with Idle, which seems a common trend given Simon Pegg’s recollection of the queen watching him Mission: Impossible 7 .

I asked Eric Idle if he knew if any members of the royal family were fans of Monty Python and his works. Although he couldn’t explicitly say for sure, Idle mentioned that he once performed on King Charles III’s birthday and would also have dinner with him:

Prince Charles, the king as he is now, has always loved comedians all his life. I think it was one of the saving graces. He used to come to Billy Connolly’s for dinner and we made him laugh and grill him, really. [laughs]. I mean, they are people underneath that whole being. There is a lot of pressure to get involved in this. And you have to sympathize with them. But comedians tend to use it as a place to laugh, so we did.

Eric Idle’s Journey the masked singer it’s over, but season 8 still has a long way to go with a lot of unmasking on the way. Eric Idle’s presence in the premiere has certainly raised the bar for talent this season, so we’ll need to see what other celebrities may appear in the weeks to come. There should have been several given the recent format change, which has at least two unmasks per episode . I’m sure there’s a lot to get excited about around the corner, but Idle will be hard to find, especially considering the great cause he works for.

  • We need to find ways to find early and innovative treatments for pancreatic cancer that help make long-term survival possible. Stand Up To Cancer turns pancreatic cancer into a treatable disease. Donate now to support Stand Up To Cancer’s research StandUpToCancer.org/EricIdle

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays from Fox at 8 p.m. ET. Be sure to stay tuned week after week for even more surprises and check out the 2022 TV lineup to see what other shows will air in the weeks to come.

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