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Montenegro blames the government for “nearly 100,000 students” without teachers

PSD President Luís Montenegro on Monday held the government responsible for the “nearly 100,000 students” without a teacher for at least one subject, claiming that the lack of teachers in the country has worsened annually.

“Today the government is in practice opening the school year, with the return of thousands and thousands of young people to schools and universities. We have almost 100,000 students who do not have at least one teacher for one subject. worsening from year to year,” said Luís Montenegro in Torres Novas, where today he inaugurated the headquarters of the local PSD, as part of the ‘Sentir Portugal’ initiative dedicated this week to the Santarém district.

According to the Social Democratic leader, “not only is the government not learning, it is making it increasingly difficult for students to learn as well.”

For Montenegro, “looking at the statements of the Minister of Education, in line with what his colleague Health had also said and what the Minister of Higher Education and Science also says, that it takes time to solve problems, it is true to To say this is a delay in life.”

“This government is a waste of time,” he declared.

Asked what, according to the PSD, should be done to place teachers more quickly, the party leader pointed out the need to “anticipate the problems that were already known to arise, to make plans to properly utilize most human resources divided, to avoid creating this obstacle for students”.

“But right now there is only one solution to this, which is to change the government. We have to change policies, we have to be braver, we have to be more diligent and we have to think less about problems,” he said. pointed out.

Earlier, in the review of the first day of “Sentir Portugal”, he emphasized that “a fact that has been communicated in all the municipalities” he has been to is the lack of general practitioners.

“That is why the National Health Service continues to fail to respond to what is most fundamental, namely family health care, and as a result of the actions of a government that has been carrying out its duties for eight years,” he stated, considering that “ It is anecdotal to hear this government’s ministers complain that “policies take time and need time to solve problems”.

Regarding the possible presence in the electoral campaign for regional elections in Madeira or on Sunday’s voting day, since the initiative “Sentir Portugal” in the Santarém district ends on Friday, when the electoral campaign in the archipelago ends, Montenegro replied: ” In due course we will say what we will do until the polls close in Madeira. (…) We will see soon.”

Author: DN/Lusa

Source: DN

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