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“We are in combat”: Nupes deputies show unity and resolution before the start of the school year

Nupes deputies met this Monday in Val-de-Marne before the start of the school year. They want to adopt a combative stance against the government’s projects, despite the fractures within the movement.

The Nupes deputies, meeting on Monday at a seminar in Val-de-Marne, expressed their desire to be “in combat” against the government’s projects, showing their unity after the recent dissensions within the alliance, in particular about the European elections. .

“There are those who theorize and question the union, then there are those who try to practice it daily for the benefit of the French in a determined opposition,” declared the head of the socialist deputies, Boris Vallaud, at midday. .

For this first meeting since the parliamentary recess, the Nupes deputies intend to work and reflect together on the different bills that are coming, after having met in the morning with various unions, associations or climate activists.

Regarding the “important deadline” of the Social Security financing law, the difficult “back to school” or “poverty that has never been so serious”, Boris Vallaud assured that “every time we can, we will make proposals together”, evoking “battles” that “will lead us to oppose many texts that the government would like to approve.”

“We are here in combat,” the president of the rebel group in the Assembly, Mathilde Panot, also insisted, “against the 15 billion savings that Emmanuel Macron wants to make at the expense of the French, and against the umpteenth immigration law that they want to take out.”

immigration bill

Both on the immigration bill and on the budget texts or the agricultural guidance law, “we will define what Nupes will do to bring together the proposals that are in our government program,” he added.

“The question is not whether we like each other or not, whether we like each other or not,” said Cyrielle Chatelain, head of the green deputies, while Jean-Luc Mélenchon explained on Sunday: “I don’t do Nupes because I like others: (not ), I do not like”.

“We do not agree on everything, and at the same time we agree on many things,” said communist deputy Pierre Dharréville, while the head of the communists, Fabien Roussel, increasingly leaves his mark with the Nupes.

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Source: BFM TV

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