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Chega wants to hear Helena Carreiras in the House of Representatives about the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense

Chega requested on Tuesday a parliamentary hearing from the Defense Minister on the situation of that ministry’s secretary general, who remains in office after being accused in August.

According to the request addressed to the Chairman of the National Defense Commission, the party asks that Helena Carreiras be heard in parliament as a matter of urgency.

Chega quotes the news published by the newspaper Expresso, which reports that the Secretary General of the Ministry of National Defense, João Ribeiro, continues to perform his duties after being named as a defendant for investigation in an autonomous trial under the ‘Perfect Storm’.

In the request released this Tuesday, Chega deputies state that the Secretary General “is suspected of manipulating the computer system to pay an advance to a company that was also targeted in the ‘Perfect Storm’ trial , which contributed to the derailment of the work at the former Military Hospital of Belém” and that “he lied to the data in his first testimony as a witness”.

“Given the seriousness of these facts, we cannot understand how it was possible for the Minister of Defense to maintain confidence in this senior official of her ministry, despite the seriousness of the suspicions that made him a suspect.”defends the party.

Chega deputies also say they do not understand “how it was possible” for the Minister of National Defense “maintained confidence in his previous Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marco Capitão Ferreira, despite all the signs of irregularities that began to surround him long before he was appointed defendant”, and also “have not been aware of this huge octopus, this web of corruption, which has been installed in the Ministry of Defense for so long and involves some people from whom it has been deprived for so many years, as recently stated in Parliament “.

According to Expresso, João Ribeiro is suspected of abuse of power and computer fraud.

In a response to that newspaper, the Office of the Minister of Defense states that “it was informed that the Secretary General of the Ministry had become a defendant, but not of the nature of the facts that led to this circumstance” and that “no precautionary decision by Er has prevented him from carrying out his duties, and he therefore continues to carry out his duties”.

Author: DN/Lusa

Source: DN

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