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Chega will make his debut in the regional parliament

Chega will make his debut in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira in the next term, after managing to elect his first deputy today. At 20:52 he was the fourth most voted political force in the regional elections.

According to preliminary official data made available by the General Secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior, the head of the list and the party’s regional leader, Miguel Castro, was chosen to hold, together with Magna Mendonça, one of the 47 seats in the occupy regional parliament. Ferreira da Costa, which took second place ahead of the party led by André Ventura.

At 9:17 p.m., Chega had 8.64% of the votes, behind the coalition formed by PSD/CDS-PP (44.08% of the votes and 12 elected deputies), the PS (20.57%/five deputies) and the JPP (12.12%). /three alternates).

Chega took part in the Madeira regional elections for the first time in 2019, obtaining 619 votes (0.44%), without a mandate.

Miguel Castro, born in January 1973, is a civil servant and businessman in the restaurant and tourism sector.

In 2021, he headed the list for president of the Funchal City Council, in an election in which Chega was the fourth most voted.

The regional parliament currently consists of 21 deputies from the PSD, three from the CDS-PP, 19 from the PS, three from the JPP and one from the CDU (PCP/PEV).

Four years ago, the Social Democrats lost for the first time the absolute majority they had retained since 1976 and formed a coalition government with the CDS-PP.

A projection by the Universidade Católica Portuguesa for RTP, released after the polls closed at 7 p.m., indicated that the PSD/CDS-PP coalition will win today’s elections, with 44% to 48% of the vote, which, on the limit minimum, is not the case. not to grant him an absolute majority (24 deputies).

With this result, the Somos Madeira coalition, formed by the two parties currently governing the region, will win between 23 and 26 mandates.

In this projection released at 7 p.m., the PS will receive nine to twelve deputies, the JPP four to six and Chega three to five.

IL, which was also never represented in the hemisphere, CDU and BE each gained one mandate, while PAN came up with zero to one.

Author: Lusa

Source: DN

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