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PSD councilor in Gaia says the president cannot continue in office after his conviction

The Social Democratic councilor in the Chamber of Gaia Rui Rocha Pereira said on Monday that the president of that municipality does not have the political conditions to continue in office after being sentenced to lose his mandate, while Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues speaks of ‘ opportunism’. .

“The PSD trusts in justice and believes that, regardless of the final decision, the political conditions are not met for the current House Speaker to continue to hold the position for which he was elected”said the social democrat, who also heads the PSD/Gaia council, at the start of the public meeting of the mayor and aldermen.

In response, the mayor of Vila Nova de Gaia, the socialist Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, called him an “opportunist”.

‘He turned out to be an opportunist’went on to say that what contributes to the discrediting of public institutions are the “opportunistic councillors”.

“I should not have congratulated him as a councilor, but as a judge, because I wanted to take the law into my own hands”said Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues.

Furthermore, the mayor said he had not seen Rui Pereira Rocha “ask for the heads” of other mayors elected by the PSD in similar situations.

Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues added that the reasons why he was accused and subsequently sentenced to loss of office “are false and will be proven in due course.”

Last Tuesday, the mayor of Vila Nova de Gaia was sentenced to lose his mandate and pay a fine of 8,400 euros for the personal use of an electric vehicle from the municipality.

Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, who headed that municipality in the Porto district since 2013, was convicted of embezzlement by the Vila Nova de Gaia court.

The judge also convicted the mayor’s wife of committing the same crime and paying a fine of 8,400 euros.

Author: DN/Lusa

Source: DN

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