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49.3 on the Social Security budget: the motion of no confidence of the Nupes very clear on the extreme right

In their motion of censure presented after the use of 49.3 by the Government on the entire social security budget on Tuesday, the Nupes are very explicit about the extreme right: “There will never be complacency, nor collusion.”

A very clear text facing the extreme right. Nupes’ no-confidence motion, tabled after Elisabeth Borne shot 49.3 on the entire Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) on Tuesday, purports to be unequivocal with regard to the National Rally.

“There will never be complacency or collusion with the extreme right,” write the left-wing deputies. A response to the presidential camp. That he had lashed out at “an alliance against nature”, after RN deputies voted to the surprise of all a motion of censure defended by Nupes, at the end of October. “Iniquitous lies”, the elected representatives of the left respond in their text.

“Principles of inequality and national preference”

As for social security, they distinguish their project “based on equality and access to health for all” from the “principles of inequality and national preference carried by the extreme right of the chamber.” And to insist:

“Our vision is the heir to the National Council of Resistance that post-war France prepared while the extreme right collaborated in Vichy.”

With such an explicit text, will the RN vote again for the Nupes motion? The group is “thinking”, said deputy Sébastien Chenu in the Public Senate on Thursday. Before developing: “We do not arbitrate that, we may vote on it or we may not vote on it.”

Author: baptiste farge
Source: BFM TV

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